Saturday, December 8, 2012

Busy Boy

Well, my first major project, Trust The Cut, is out with the beta readers at 65k words (I've already been promised "bleeding pages". I see your bleeding pages and I rise to the occasion!) Anxious, after months, to get Tucker and Jesse's story out there. Fingers crossed I survive the process of revising and submitting without having heart palpitations.

I'm at 15k words on my newest project, which is untitled right now. It's a hometown story so I'm hoping i'm representing well. Haha. It's hard to get in an Atlanta state of mind with 2 straight weeks of rain and countless hours on the Light Rail here in Seattle, but I think I'm keeping it legit. I'm feeling pretty badass about it. I really love these guys and where this story is headed. It's the first time i've written a full length in first person POV. (this project is pretty solid in my head as a novella).

And in other news... I can say with a true certainty that the only dating in my life should be when I write about it in fiction. Haha. It's amazing, as a man, to be utterly useless at understanding the complexities of my own sex. I totally get why women bitch about us. Please excuse this random thought process.

Oh and congats to all the gays getting hitched here in WA State! Enjoy this moment. You've all earned it! (I suppose that goes for you potheads too *eye roll*)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ok, so my first short story (that I'm wiling to admit to publically) is now available on GoodReads!