Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shout Me Out!

Wowzer! Life is pretty crazy these days. I feel like there's so much going on! We're only a month away from the release of my novel Don't Trust the Cut (available July 2, LooseId). I'm suuuuper stoked. And really nervous. Hope yall don't hate it. *bites nails* I worked long and hard on Tucker & Jesse's story. I should have information of some giveaways and such in the next few weeks. Right now I'm just dying to see the cover art!

I can also confirm that I have another project that should be released by the end of the year. I'll also be writing the last two books in the One Thing series with Piper Vaughn as well as some Dad's best friend smexing in Wood, Screw & Nails that we hope to have out in January. (We have many good things in store for you, I promise!) I'm excited about everything that's been going on. My brain has a million rabid squirrels running around trying to keep up with everything I have to remember. I'm just so grateful everyone has responded to my writing and hope I don't let yall down in the future. I freakin' love you guys! <3

I'm sorry I suck at updating my blog but I'll definitely be on more as we get closer to the DTtC release, but you can find me updating Facebook and Twitter accounts like an addict. 

So I'm going to be doing alot of stuff in the upcoming months that you'll have the opportunity to come over and say "Hey Kade" or "Fuck you, Kade" or "Let's get drunk after this, Kade!" So please come over and give me a shout out if you're attending any of these:

June 15 - Seattle Pride Picnic, Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA (volunteer)
June 30 - Seattle Pride, Seattle, WA (volunteer)
September 5 - GayRom NW Book Reading Event, University Bookstore @ U District, Seattle, WA. (Attending Author with Rick R. Reed, Daisy Harris and Lou Sylvre)
September 14 - Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up, Seattle Central Library, Seattle, WA (Attending Author) (Info & Tickets Here)
October 12-13 - Atlanta Pride, Atlanta, GA (attending)
October 17 - 21 - GayRomLit Retreat, Melia Hotel, Atlanta, GA (Supporting Author)
April 17-20, 2014 - Rainbow Conference, Tampa, FL (Attending Author)

While GRL is waitlisted there are still slots open for RainbowCon in Tampa ($125 for tickets) and Gay Romance NW Meet-Up (Tickets $15 til July 1, $25 after that). Would love to see ya'll there!
I'm so excited. The coolest part of all of this is the readers so whenever we get to interact I'm happiest. After all, yall are why I am able to do this thing that I love so much. So seriously! If you see me make sure to come shout me out.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blurb Time!

Alright. I've been working long and hard on this latest project. This novel has been my baby so I hope yall are gonna like it :)

Don't Trust the Cut by Kade Boehme
(releasing July 2, 2013, LooseId)

             Life hasn’t always been easy for Tucker Grey and his way of dealing is less than desirable. He’s trusted in the wrong people and things for too long, but this time he’s determined to stand on his own and make things better. And he is. Until Jesse Bauer enters his life.

             Jesse is a good son, a good Marine, and a doting boyfriend. For years he’s managed to keep his truth buried and the people in his life happy. But that all changes when he’s medically discharged and meets Tucker at a welcome home party.

             The draw between them is strong from the first moment, but they’ll never find happiness together unless Jesse can prove himself and Tucker can learn to trust more than the cut. 


Friday, May 17, 2013


"Our names may have been Max and Luke. Maybe not. Probably not.

But it ended today. And it hurt. But we went out in flames." 

Rihanna - Fire Bomb.

Nothing more to say other than 6/8/13