Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review Roundup

Heya homies! Well, I thought I've been reviewed by some of my favorite blogs and am so blown away at the response to Don't Trust the Cut. I'm sure I've gushed like this a million times but I just really want everyone to know how much I appreciate that you gave Tucker & Jesse a shot and ended up falling in love. Since the release I hear from people who loved the story for their relationship or Jesse's struggle or for the way I treated the character Alison, but even best is how people connected to Tucker. I was nervous about how people would respond to my treatment of his self-harming back story and it's a very personal part of my history so I hoped I got it across with some sensitivity and understanding. I'm so pleased and thank all of you who've reached out to me about that aspect of the story. I'm ever so humbled by all of your kind words. And even moreso every time someone reads this story.

So anyways, I'm doing a big roundup of all of the blog reviews I've been made aware of so anyone on the fence about reading this is what "The Reviewers" have to say.

 5 Star Reviewed by JesseWave


JK Hogan (she guest reviewed for J-Dub, but this is her FULL review)

Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews (also has an Interview with little ol' me)
MM Good Books

Live Your Life Buy the Book

 Sinfully Sexy Reviews Tucker & Jesse Pics

Thanks for all the great words! 

Live Long & Party On

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What A Month: Updates and New Stuffs

Well. July has been a helluva month and it ain't even over! Gah! So first, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who bought Don't Trust the Cut. I've gotten so many positive comments and to everyone who took the time to message me, I'm humbled. The reviews have been blowing me away, man. I'm just completely in awe. I never expected people to react so wonderfully to Jesse and Tucker's story. It was very personal, even being a romance with some fictionalized situations, so i was very nervous about releasing it into the world but the biblio gods saw fit to bless my little story.

You'll have to excuse the fact that my heart can't handle all the feels right now. People are just ... y'all rock!

I mean, when Don't Trust the Cut landed in USA Today's Happy Ever After Blog after getting 4.5 stars from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews and 5 Stars from JESSEWAVE! Yeah, my heart may have developed an irregular beat. Like, srsly. I'm suffering.

Er. I'm fearful, though, that I set the bar too high with my first story, haha. Like On the Dock  I kinda surprised myself with all the emotion I put into the story so I hope I won't be judged too harshly if I throw out some "fluffier" (for me, anyways...) stuff. Even I need a break from the insanity of all the angst, sometimes. I have been working on Logan & Gianni's story (Gangster Country) and it's been a killer to write. The head space I have to live in is intense for me. Gianni's kind of unlikeable, but I love him cuz he's mine haha. So I'll get more info on that out when I get closer to finish it. (should be within the next week or so)

Well, to ease the pain of the process of writing Gianni I paused for a moment to write a short, Dear John, that is about 8k words that'll be released on my blog VERY soon (i'm working on mobi files etc). I'm also working on a 20-25k novella titled A Little Complicated that I'm almost finished with. I'll drop a blurb soon. It's a relatively simple little romance, but the guys are sweethearts so it's been fun to write, if brief.

Still waiting to hear back on my novel Trouble & the Wallflower. (blurb/picspiration here) It will be released no matter what. Trust me on this. Gavin & Davy (and the rest of my Market Boys) will see the light of day because I love them wayyyy too much.

And finally, my friend AnonymousBlogger (she's THE EFFING BEST, completely invaluable. Authors I seriously recommend you give her a shout out) is all over the proofs for the re-release of Wide Awake which has a lovely new cover from the AMAZING (and my bestest bestie) L.C. Chase. Wide Awake will be released with extended content, newly edited and IN PRINT as well as eBook!! (160 pages, paperback) I'm so effing stoked! When I have more info on that I'll let you know but it will be available August 15 in both formats. So now, for anyone who hasn't seen yet, I give you the new cover!

New eBook Cover

    Print Cover

I. Love. Them. She did suuuuch an awesome job. Those models kill me. So MANY MANY good things coming, I hope. Bear with me! 

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Buy Links, Bloggy Things And GIVEAWAYS!

Don't Trust the Cut is now available on 3rd party sites for those who buy from Amazon and ARe

Oh and I wrote a "moment" where Jesse, Tucker and Alison are discussing the release of Don't Trust the Cut together titled Release Day. It's posted over at Babes In Boyland (<3 my Babes!) Go check it out. It's about 1400 words.

Also don't forget to check out my badass interview and Monique's review/giveaway over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews. I had a blast with those questions.

And Joyfully Jay is running a giveaway so go over there for a chance to win a free copy!

Monday, July 1, 2013

We Have Been Released!

Jesse and Tucker, go forth into the world and do great things. Thanks to everyone who helped get Don't Trust the Cut into tip top shape.

Don't Trust the Cut is officially available to purchase on the LooseId website. They also have a new blurb AND a new excerpt up (and I love both of them). So go! Go now!! And I hope everyone enjoys because I'm thrilled y'all are all helping me live my dream. 

LooseId   GoodReads

Release Week Wowness

Just wow.
When you've waited so long for the release of your book and it finally arrives it's like OMFG IDK if I'm as ready for this as I thought... Haha. But here it is and no I'm not ready. Way too many feels about people finally getting to know Tucker and Jesse. But I worked long and hard on their story and it was a really personal thing for me. It was my first attempt at a full length novel that I finished long ago but sat on it fearfully. I did what one does when venturing into writing something like this for the first time and I wrote what I know. Guys, it's bleak a couple of times but don't doubt that it came from something genuine, even if it's not your cup of tea. So with that...I drop you just a few more lines to tease...

God, but Tucker could have used his mama in the last couple of years. He wondered if she would have accepted his sexuality or if she would have thrown him away like his father had. He doubted it. In fact, he imagined part of the reason his dad had been so unaccepting was because he did not have Tucker’s mother around. She would have made him understand. That was one conviction Tucker really had in this life.

He hated to think of the things she would have disapproved of. It was why he could not stand the disappointment in Alison’s face sometimes. He knew his mother would have given him that same look.

She certainly would have been disappointed in his scars. He pulled up the sleeves on his sweatshirt and looked at the mess of horizontal lines on his forearms. The world tilted a little as he truly studied them for the first time. He still felt ashamed, but he felt stronger than he had then. He knew he would not hurt himself anymore.

I hope.

He sighed. As if his mother decided to lift his spirits in that moment, snow flurries began to softly fall from the heavens. The first snow. And he was in his place. Now that was how it should be. He held out his hands and enjoyed the cold flakes landing on his skin, feeling much like his mother kissing the boo-boos.

He smiled wistfully.

What a nice thought.

So don't forget to check out some of the DTtC Blog tour stops. Joyfully Jay has an excerpt from & I gave her a copy for a giveaway! So follow the link below and get yourself entered for a chance.

On a final note, I'd like to thank everyone for their support and the response to my post about what it meant to me to have Article 3 of the Defense of Marriage act stricken down. It was awesome to hear from all of you and a huge heartfelt thanks from me to you.

So, happy reading. Hope you all go forth and read Don't Trust the Cut tomorrow (July 2). I'll post buy links as they become available in the morning.


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