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'Chance of the Heart' Snippet & Giveaway

Hey guys! ALMOST TIME! I'm dying for you all to read Chance of the Heart., releasing Monday, January 26. So much going on right now I wanted to make sure to get in an extra snippet and a giveaway!

So I'll get right to it. In the excerpt below, our boys went on a trail ride after a long day of crunching numbers. It'd been Bradley's first time in the saddle since he'd returned home, and in more than five years.

I missed this.”

Mis’t wah?” Chance responded, mouth full. Bradley chuckled.

This. It’s nice being in a town with more than a couple thousand people, but I forget how calming it is to be out here.”

Yeah.” Chance’s voice was almost reverent as his eyes looked out over the land. “It is nice ain’t it.”

I guess you get so wrapped up in making money and going out, you forget how nice a simple day on the trails can be.”

Did you enjoy college?” Chance asked, offering the bowl of blueberries and sliced strawberries.

Bradley took a strawberry and popped it in his mouth before answering. How did he answer without seeming like he was making a veiled statement about Chance’s own situation. But all he could say was the truth. “Yes. I loved it. It was hard after the thing with my dad, but there was nothing like standing on my own two feet, figuring out who I was and what I wanted from life without the pressure of people looking over my shoulders. At school, no one knew I was heir apparent to The Good Reverend.

Most of the people I graduated with from Hope Springs have kids and a mortgage, had one well before me. But I just… wanted more. I was never going to take over my dad’s church and the ranch was never a functioning ranch, mostly just to show off Dad’s wealth.”

He glanced at Chance who was gazing somberly over the distance. “Must be nice not to have had it all planned out for you.”

Bradley huffed. “Oh, they all assumed I’d come back to Blessed Union. But I think my sister and I were behind the scenes as it was built, saw the hot air that went into being The Reverend Gerald Heart, Captain and Commander of Heart of the Heartland Ministries. It was all so much more bluster and profiteering than it was actual faith.”

Chance looked startled. Bradley had forgotten that was another way they’d known each other, Chance’s parents being Members, Chance probably having been baptized there. Bradley amended, “No, I don’t mean he doesn’t believe. He definitely believes in the things he says. Unfortunately, he went from pure faith to believing his own hype. So watching that kind of de-railed mine and Heather’s faith.”

I guess I never really thought about it.”

Sorry, I know you probably still attend services.”

Only every once in a while. Not like any one notices anyways since there’s about two thousand people and all.”

True. Anyways, yeah. College was good. I liked it. I made some dumb decisions. First and foremost being dating about a dozen losers. But I feel like I’m better for it.”
Chance grunted.

You know I’m not… Chance I don’t think you have to date a million people. Look at all the people around here who’ve done just fine with the same way of life that’s been Hope Springs since it was founded.”

I know. I didn’t think you were going on about me. Although, it does speak to my situation.”

Bradley felt he had a much better grasp of Chance’s “situation” after today. It answered so many questions as to why the guy seemed like he’d lived in a bubble. And that’s because he had. Yes, he’d gone to public school. But his friends were all like-minded. His dad had kept him on a tight leash. He hadn’t done more than a couple years of community college and now, knowing he’d saved every penny by barely ever leaving the ranch, Bradley ached for the guy. But it was Chance’s life. And a good friend would let him figure out what to do on his own.

So why aren’t you going ahead with the restaurant? I’ve not seen you that excited about anything. Ever.” Okay, so the guy could figure it out on his own, but a good friend could nudge a little here and there.

Chance’s sigh carried on the wind, sadly. “It’s not like I’d get to enjoy it. The point of having the restaurant would be being able to cook there. But all my time goes into this land.”

But you love cooking.”

And I love my family.” Touché.

But they love you too. They’d want you to be happy. You love horses and the ranch, I know, but it seems more like a hobby.”

You don’t get it,” Chance snapped.

I guess I don’t,” Bradley responded, primly. He didn’t know why he’d pushed. Way to nudge asshole.

Sorry,” Chance said, deflated. Bradley didn’t want to say anything else. It looked like Chance was on the verge of speaking again and Bradley didn’t know what to say. He’d been having such a good time. He hadn’t meant to ruin it.

Becket son after son has taken the reins of Red River since my great-grandfather bought the land right after he finished fighting in World War I. I didn’t meet the man but his legacy is the family pride,” Chance said. He’d jumped up and paced a couple times, not looking at Bradley.

But it didn't take long for the idea of being stuck right here for the rest of my life to make my collar feel tight like a noose. I don't know what point it’d started but definitely over the last year or so. If I'm honest, it was probably about the time the legal papers had been drawn up naming me sole owner of the actual ranch and its lands, when my parents pass on. My brother will just be a minority profit sharer. I first felt a moment of 'oh shit' when Daddy signed on the dotted lines. Hell, Caitlin was surprised when I didn’t invite her to the party celebrating the change and my brother’s first year of success at his own ranch. I told her it was a small party, but mostly it was because I didn’t much feel like celebrating. That's when the worst three words popped in my head for the first time in my life and took over every other waking thought.”

Bradley wanted to offer some comfort, but what could you say? You could tell someone over and over to take the reins back. But he grew up here, too. It just wasn’t done. He’d only severed the ties by coming out. And Chance was nowhere near doing that. Maybe in a couple years he’d be there, he was definitely chafing enough to do it. But by then his parents would see him married off with a kid on the way.

What three words?”

Chance finally looked at him, his tone forlorn as he said, “Is this enough?”

Bradley shuddered. He ached for Chance but there were no words. Chance was trapped in an ages old dilemma and because he probably was behind most in world experience, he’d have to figure it out.

Alright guys, that's it for the snippet. Now, time for the giveaway!

It's a rafflecopter so it's as simple as retweeting and commenting on this post. The giveaway has already started and runs until midnight on the 24th so everyone gets an e-mail with their copy of Chance of the Heart bright and early on the 26th. The winner of the signed paperback will get info in their e-mail that day as well. So here's the prizes:

Chance of the Heart Giveaway
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Good luck guys!

Chance of the Heart 
by Kade Boehme
Coming January 26!
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'Chance of the Heart' official Excerpt

Hey guys! Got the official excerpt for my first solo project in a good while, Chance of the Heart, coming January 26.

Chapter One

The most asinine idea one person ever conceived. Chance Becket’s sour mood had finally lifted, he’d forgotten all about Caitlin’s stupid idea. That is, until damned David brought it up. He couldn’t believe Caitlin had opened her big mouth to David’s wife Jeri. He supposed that wasn’t fair since they’d all been best friends since they were knee-high to a grasshopper but he did not need this. Not now. He’d managed to not bring it up in the six weeks since she’d gone back to school. And with foaling season he hadn’t had time to do anything anyway, too much work to do to even think about it.

“t’s just a little bump in the road, man. She said it was just while she was busy this last semester. Why’re you being so sour about it?” David wouldn’t drop it. With a put upon sigh, Chance put down the hammer he’d been using to replace a dry-rotted plank on the fencing. He knew better than to keep ignoring David Singleton. You weren’t friends as long as they’d been without knowing what he would and wouldn’t bother you with until you spilled the beans.

“It’s not even a break. I think y’all misunderstood.”

David’s head snapped back. “Surely, you didn’t split up.”

Chance stood from his squatting position, feeling his knees pop like he was much older than his twenty-three years. He hated talking shit through, didn’t need nobody picking through his thoughts or feelings. He was a good boy, simple. He worked hard, respected his Mama and Daddy, went to church on Sundays, had been faithful to Caitlin, and saved up money to provide for his future family. He did what was expected without complaint, because what more was there than to hope for a good life, a little piece of this earth to call his own, and to help his family keep their ranch going as it had been for a couple generations, now.

“Naw. We didn’t do nothing of the sort.”

David looked confused. If only he knew the half of it. Chance was probably more confused than he’d ever been. There’d never been reason to question anything and he hated he was no. He’d had a set path, a goal since he was a small boy and thanks to one damn conversation, he was shaken to his core and couldn’t for the life of him figure out why.

“Well, how come she told Jeri she was cool with you seeing other people. Said we shouldn’t police you.”

“Y’all shouldn’t have ever policed me.”

“I didn’t! Can’t help that them women stick together like they do. Jeri’s best friend’s at college, so of course if she sees you trying to be a buckle bunny’s consolation prize it’s part of their Bro Code to tell each other,” David reasoned.

“What in the hell is a Bro Code? And anyway, it’s not like I go out none. I’ve never cheated.” Chance started gathering his tools, loading them on the back of his ATV.

David threw his hands up. “We know that. But she was saying that in particular, right now, Jeri wasn’t s’posed to keep an eye out if you were to go …  Y’no… doin’ your thing.”

Chance took his Stetson off where’s he’d hung it on the handlebars of the four-wheeler and placed it on his head. That was better. At least he didn’t have to squint to see his friend any more. “I don’t understand why she made it y’all’s business, but she thought maybe since we were probably getting engaged after she comes back, and she’s not gonna be coming home any since it’s her last semester, maybe she’d give me some sort of pass if I wanted to sow some wild oats or some nonsense.”

David laughed and patted Chance’s shoulder. “Is that what’s got your panties in a bunch? Damn boy. You’re the last single one of us all.” Which was true, they’d all paired up either in high school or right after. David and Jeri’s second kid was well on the way. Chance had always been secretly glad that Caitlin had gone off to college after she’d graduated.

Yeah, they knew they’d always end up married, probably living in a house on his Daddy’s land—there was enough of it for sure. But he’d been glad to have the time alone. He’d been in the same relationship since he was sixteen, and she fifteen. They’d been each others’ first everything. But marriage… sharing not just his space but his whole life with her. It’d been an overwhelming idea at eighteen when he’d just finally gotten his own space in the apartment he’d built himself over his parents’ three car garage.

Now he supposed it was time. Which made him restless. That’d been why the whole conversation started.

“You’re restless. I’ve had time to figure out what I want. Now you should do the same. My course load is ridiculous this semester and I’m going to Mexico during spring break so… Take this time to yourself.” Chance just grunted in response which made Caitlin’s pretty face light up, smiling sweetly.

“Stubborn man. I’ll even give you one of those Free Passes. My friends did it before they got married. We don’t ask questions so if no one does anything it doesn’t matter, but if you did, it’s not our business. I’ve been at college having fun and you’ve been home. You don’t go out, you just work. Be a little crazy.”

“So you’ve slept with other people?” He asked, numbly.

“No!” She stopped twirling her curly black pony-tail and smacked his arm. 

“I would never.”

“You’re saying you want to sleep with somebody else.” Before she could say no he continued, “Or you think I’ve missed out not sleeping with somebody else.”

She placed a hand on his knee. “I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, make sure. We have a good six months before real life actually catches up with us. It’d be the first time we were ever on, like, a break. Make the most of it.”

And hadn’t that been a kick to the balls. It’s like as soon as she’d left, all these thoughts popped up. Thoughts that had been put away like last year’s Christmas tress, not needing to be brought out because it was Spring and he had summer and foaling season to think about. But it appeared Christmas had come early and the thought of that Christmas tree coming back out, made his belly rumble with nerves.

“You okay there?” David asked.

“Oh yeah,” he muttered. He picked up the last of the scraps of wood from the repairs and latched everything on the back of the ATV with bungee cords.

“I don’t know what there is to be upset about. She’s right. Even I had a couple girls before Jeri and I got together. You only been with her. Maybe it wouldn’t kill you to go knock some boots. Though, don’t tell my wife I said so.”

A couple girls before Jeri? That was an understatement. David had probably had half the varsity cheerleading squad. Chance didn’t get the fascination. Yeah, sex was good. Right? It was sex. But all the condoms and worrying about knocking somebody up. In eight years he could count on his fingers and toes the number of times they’d gone all the way. Now he was trying to get out of sleeping with someone else and he couldn’t decide if it was because he thought he shouldn’t or because he didn’t actually want to.

And this is why he hated when things were uncertain.

David placed a hand on Chance’s shoulder as he went to start the four-wheeler, bringing him up short. “I’m done talking about this David.” He didn’t snap, Chance didn’t snap, but he used his Boss Voice.

David snorted. Of course, David was the one person on the whole damn Red River Ranch that voice didn’t work on. “I’m just saying, it’s a Friday. This is our last big weekend off for the month. Maybe take yourself up to Abernathy, go to the strip, have a few beers. See what happens. Call it your last hurrah. What could it hurt?”

“What am I gonna do around all them college kids?”

“Get drunk? It’s not like we’re much older than them. Wear somethin’ other than flannel and boots. Talk about poetry since you’re all sensitive and junk.” David was just being a dick now.

I’m not sensitive,” Chance said, surliness infantile even to his own ears.

David nodded indulgently. “Whatever you say, Boss.”

Chance wasn’t going to continue with his friend about what sounded like the worst idea in the history of ever. Abernathy was a medium sized college town about an hour and a half from their little town of 1200. It was a good suggestion, more anonymous than the local bars. If Chance had been interested in that sort of thing. Which he wasn’t.

David opened his mouth to speak but Chance started the ATV up, cutting him off, and headed back toward the barns. He didn’t have any more time for this foolishness, and the horses weren’t going to water themselves.


Bradley Heart frowned at his phone as his ex-boyfriend’s third missed call in the last two hours popped up. Carson knew he was at work. What the hell was wrong with him. They’d not spoken in three weeks, since Carson collected his things from Bradley’s house. Today, of all days, was not the day to start with his usual mood swings.

Bradley dropped his phone on his desk, probably more forcefully than necessary, getting the attention of a few of the people in the open floor office around him. What he wouldn’t give for a cubicle right about then.

He clicked around his accounting program for one of their bigger clients, trying to get his head back in the game.

“Heart,” his immediate superior Tanya Bigbee said as she loomed over his desk. “Can we see you in Mr. Moore’s office.

Shit. He’d seen two other people go before him to the big boss’s lair so he was quite certain this wasn’t good news. There’s been whispers of layoffs after the Holiday season, but two weeks after Christmas. Really?

He nodded before standing and gathering his suit jacket, pulling it on and buttoning it as he followed her down the hall. He’d been dreading this, but fingers crossed he would be one of the few spared. His last few performance reviews had been exemplary, he’d been dealing with some of the biggest clients, even as one of the more junior accountants. Surely that counted for something.

As he walked out of Mr. Moore’s office, though, fifteen minutes later, he was caught between shocked and resigned. Three weeks and his entire division was “no longer necessary to the future business of the company.” There’d been talk of outsourcing for financial reasons and a promise of shining references, but he’d only caught about every third word after the axe had fallen on his career. Yes, he was young. Twenty-five was nowhere near too old to start over again. Hell, this had been his first job fresh out of college three years earlier.

That was little consolation. He ignored the apologetic glances of the coworkers who’d gone before him into the office, not in the mood to commiserate.

He plopped gracelessly in his desk chair and stared blankly at the screen. He’d been told he didn’t have to worry about the account he was working on now as it’d be passed on as one of their larger clients. “Wrap up the Michaels, ChumDum, and Liezel accounts in your final weeks. We appreciate your hard work.”

Hadn’t that been a kick to the balls. Fuck, he didn’t want to have to take his sister up on the ridiculous offer she’d made when he’d mentioned the original rumors of layoffs. He couldn’t even fathom going back to his father’s ranch, his father’s Church in Hope Springs. Hah! Hopeless Springs more like it. He’d not been back in at least six years and didn’t imagine his father was any sorrier than he was for it.

His phone rang again. Fucking Carson. Again. He snatched it up. “What?”

“You’re in a fine mood, lover,” Carson said drily.

“I’m at work.” Curt and to the point. He caught the disapproving glare Tanya was giving him from her desk across the room. But what could she do? Write him up? Fire him? Not like he was ever one to abuse the no-cell-phone policy. Fuck it.

“I was trying to lease an apartment at Centre Point.” How he would afford the nicer apartments across town, Bradley had no idea.


“They’re the same leasing company as The Arms.”

“Again… And…”

“I need off your lease.”

Bradley sputtered. “Dude, you broke up with me. You said I could have these last two months. Can you not crash with your new guy a little longer. This is not exactly a good time.”

“Look, Brad. I know this sucks. But we’re trying to get a place and this is what we want. It’s a douch move—”

“No shit!”

“But… we can’t wait. His lease is up at the end of the month. They said you could just sign off this month and they’d use the deposit…”

“Now you want my half of the deposit too?” Bradley laughed, knowing he was about to become hysterical.


“No. You know what. Fuck it. Take the damn thing. Come tell me where I need to sign. Small price to pay to be finished with you finally.” He didn’t mean it. Yes, it’d be nice to be finished with the cheating bastard, but he really could use his half of the $1400 deposit now that he’d be out of work. And where he’d stay, he had no idea. Looks like— No! No, you will not go back.

“The manager said she’d fax you what you needed.” After getting the fax number and giving Carson a good old fuck off he ended the call. Best day ever.

He shot off a text to his best friend, Emma requesting a night out. He’d definitely need to forget this day, even if just for a few hours. He waited for her affirmative response, then put his phone away after Tanya cleared her throat for the third time.

The best part of living in a college town was the amount of bars with lots of pretty, cheap liquor. He’d definitely be taking advantage of that tonight. And maybe a hot piece of college ass. It’d definitely been long enough since he’d had some of that.

Thanks for reading guys! Stay tuned for snippet sundays!

Chance of the Heart 
by Kade Boehme
Coming January 26!
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Chance of the Heart: Snippet Sunday & Blurb

Hey all!

Back again! Holy crap. So much going on! I want to thank everyone so very much for all the success of mine and Allison's novel from Dreampsinner, We Found Love. The reviews and the  sales have been fabulous and I appreciate everyone who went out and grabbed a copy. You're all wonderful.

My last solo project, Going Under, released at the end of the summer. Feels like such a long time, but I'm sure you all know, in this genre that IS a long time haha. Hard at work on the final book in the Keep Swimming Series, The Rising Tide, which will feature prickly Kent and freshly out Phil the cop (who was Kyle's ex). Proving to be quite fun. Working to get that one out for your spring breaks :). Then a big announcement regarding the sequel to Gangster Country. The Broken Kind will also feature Gianni and Logan as they go thru putting Gianni (and their relationship) back together after the events of GC. So... big things to come.

Which is why we're here. This is the first snippet sunday for my first book with a cowboy MC. Also, my first solo project of 2015. This novel, releasing in eBook and paperback on January 26 (sorry no pre-order), was a thrill to write and I can't wait to see what you all thing. I'll have a larger excerpt for you all later in the week. :)

First I give, those of you who haven't seen it, the cover and blurb for Chance of the Heart. Following the blurb and cover will be this week's snippet sunday. The snippet is when Chance has let curiosity get the best of him and wandered into a bar after his highschool sweetheart has called for them to take a break. He runs into an old friend that's gonna change his life.


Chance Becket's life was mapped out. He'd one day own the ranch he grew up on, have a family, and be the son he was raised to be, like all good boys in Small Town, U.S.A.

When his high school sweetheart calls for a break during her last semester of college, the last place Chance thought he'd end up was in his old friend Bradley's bed.

Bradley Heart blasted out of the closet before his family could name him heir apparent to his father's televangical mega-church. Going back into the closet, for any reason, is not on his list of things to do. But Chance may be too much a temptation, especially with the simmering feelings they’ve had for one another since they were teens.

Confused over his sexuality, Chance has to decide what’s more important -- loyalty to his his family and the path set forth, or the promise of happiness with not just the only man, but the only person, he's ever really wanted. For the first time in his life he's asking the hardest question of all: Is the path of least resistance enough?


This, this was why Chance hated when shit was uncertain. His damn fool self always lost his mind a little. Thinking things he shouldn’t, going places he shouldn’t.

Oh, yeah, he’d taken David’s advice. He’d gone to Abernathy. He’d even worn a polo with his jeans instead of his usual flannel. He’d always thought the baby blue brought out the color of his eyes. The way the short sleeves stretched over his biceps, the tight fit over his chest showing off the few assets he was confident in. Not that he put much thought into his looks. Why should he? He didn’t have anyone to impress. So why had it been important when he’d put them on tonight?

He didn’t listen about the boots, though. He thought his newest snakeskins looked good enough. And he most definitely didn’t think when David suggested he hit one of the bars on The Strip in Abernathy—obviously, a street lined with bars to make life easy for the inebriated bar-hopping college kids—that he come to this particular bar.

He didn’t know why he’d ended up in Bar None. There were honky-tonks and pubs, a couple of hole-in-the-walls, a juke joint. In stead, after a couple drinks at the steakhouse he’d had dinner with an old buddy at, he ended up in a gay bar. Granted, Bar None was known for having a mixed crowd, the straight girls probably thinking they were safe from getting hit on and the straight boys knowing that just was well as Chance who wasn’t even a regular.

But he hadn’t had eyes for a single girl since he’d been drawn like a moth to a flame to the dive bar with its rainbow flags and neon lights. He certainly wasn’t the biggest fan of the all diva line-up of tunes playing on the speakers, from Taylor Swift to some disco from the ‘70s.

He had no clue why he was there. I hate when things are uncertain.

He sipped on his third beer. Regardless of his reasons why he should or shouldn’t be there, he’d been posted up on a bar stool for about thirty minutes, thinking their dollar beers were as good as any. And the girls were pretty. At least he knew he wouldn’t run into anyone he knew at this bar.

If he was honest with himself, this wasn’t his first time being drawn into the bar. After his 21st birthday, he’d gone out once or twice with friends, only to end up at Bar None after they’d all petered out on him for the night. He did the same thing then as tonight, sitting on the edge, watching all the care free people enjoying their weekend night, not knowing what exactly he was looking for, what answers he needed. He had sex with a woman, enjoyed it, even if it wasn’t that often. He wasn’t gay. Maybe he just envied the worldliness of the people he saw in this particular bar. There wasn’t any macho posturing like the places he’d ended up with when he was out with the other hands from Red Creek.

Maybe he was just fucked up. He groaned and thumped his forehead with the long neck of his beer bottle.

“You doin’ okay here, cowboy?” the bartender asked. He’d been awful friendly since Chance had come in. He didn’t know why. It’s not like he was special to look at, and he sure couldn’t tell if the guy was hitting on him. He hadn’t even known Caitlin was until she’d flat out asked him to go to his junior prom with him.

“Oh, yeah. I’m good,” he said, probably barely heard above the music. The bartender took his empty bottle from him and offered a fresh one. He took it, not meeting the man’s gaze. He should really hightail it out and call the night a bust. You had to actually be looking for something to enjoy a night like this anyway. And he wasn’t gonna find the kinda of company he’d been encouraged to find in this place.

A gust of wind blew through as the front door opened and damn if Chance’s stomach didn’t tie up in knots when he saw who entered. He tried to convince himself he’d been stirred to life by the sexy blonde pixie of a girl with her tight black skirt and low cut top. His brain couldn’t even computer that it might actually be the tall, blond man behind her who cute a damn nice figure in a suit that probably cost more than the paycheck Chance cashed at the bank that afternoon.

Tall with broad shoulders, shoulders Chance knew you usually only got from doing work like his on the ranch. The man walked with an easy confidence, even if his face was a bit pinched, but that could be the lighting. He couldn’t make the man’s features out that clearly. His lady friend was laughing, though, sidling up to the other side of the bar, catching Chance’s eyes briefly before he averted them.

What the hell is going on? But something was familiar about the man. That had to be why he’d caught Chance’s attention. Had they crossed paths before?

“You doing okay, baby doll?” Another of the bartenders appeared in Chance’s line of sight. This guy was probably what you called a pretty boy, all long limbs, thin body and high cheeks. He had a teasing glint to his black-lined eyes. Chance didn’t get to say more than a word before the man leaned over the counter, running a finger up and down Chance’s forearm.

Chance froze. Well, that couldn’t be more forward if the guy kissed him right there. “You’re new. I know all the regulars. You here with anyone, honey?” Was he purring? Fuck.

“He’s with me, Terry,” a sexy baritone rumbled from a man who sat down in the barstool beside Chance. Chance’s eyes must have gone wide because the man who’d come to his rescue smiled widely, winking.

Holy shit. It was the guy he’d just been staring at, the one who was undoing him just being a foot away from him. The man looked like a Western version of James Dean with gold skin and blond hair in a dapper hair style. Like a cowboy who’d been thrust into a fancy suit, a rebel who’d been tamed and given a cause.

“Of course he is, Bradley,” the flirty bartender said, pouting. Chance gave the bartender an apologetic shrug, still not sure why he was going along with it.


“Bradley?” he asked, snapping his head in the direction of his Knight in Shining Armani. “Bradley Heart?”

The man reared back a little, blinking in surprise, then that sinful smile stretched across his face in recognition. Chance was trying not to shit himself. “Chance fucking Becket!”

Okay. That's it :)

Stay tuned. More to come :)

Chance of the Heart
Coming January 26!
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