Monday, April 28, 2014


 I was sitting here thinking about what a major thanks I owe you all. I'm living my dream, making money writing books. Not only Books, but books featuring LGBT characters who are also fulfilling their dreams and finding their happily ever after.

I know I've got a big mouth and I'm a pain the ass. Maybe I'm not always as nice as I could be (I know, I know. I'm a work in progress) But yall have been around with cheers and hugs and hope from 'Wide Awake' to 'Trouble & the Wallflower'. And I totally don't deserve y'all.

As with any family, there's sometimes controversy, in-fighting, issues with co-authors and fragile egos. But there's way more often love, accpetance, laughter and family. This is a dream job, but not only that; a dream life. And that is all you guys, not money or 5 star reviews (though, those are awesome).

I'm humbled and so grateful for all the support and love (and swift kicks to the ass) from all of you. My friends, my allies (man AND WOMAN), my support system, my family. My heroes. Know that you've all touched my life profoundly and continue to do so every day. Even if you all decide my writing is total garbage next week, you'll have been such and awesome part of my life a have given me such amazing memories. I thinking I could float forever just from the joy of the last crazy-awesome year of my life.

So in case you don't hear it from anyone else today: You. Yes, you reading this... Thankyou. Readers for buying books, reviewers for pimping them and giving me constructive words to help me grow as a person and in my craft, allies for putting up the good fight, authors for providing so many BADASS stories that touch me so deeply (or turn me on. whatevs.). All of you: Thank you for rocking so hard.

Keep loving, keep reading and thank you for all the love. I am so fucking humbled by all of you and will always be your biggest fan. *gushes all over y'all*