Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chance & Bradley Back for A Short (and a SALE) !

So Chance and Bradley just don't want to shut up. Pride was coming around and I guess they decided I should catch you guys up on what's going on in their lives. While I didn't think it was necessary to write a full-on novel-length story—even a novella felt heavy-handed since they're in a pretty good place. So we decided to tell you a story of a slice of their life and their weekend in L.A. at an LGBT charity horse show, then a quick jaunt into LA Pride after that (and a little kinkiness) for this Chance & Bradley Pride Month short. It's just a little over 9k words, available on Amazon for $.99 (or free on KU).

Hope you enjoy this brief couple of days (and a little dirtiness) from Chance & Bradley’s life!

A Chance & Bradley Story
(Chance of the Heart 1.5)
By Kade Boehme


After three years together and a fair share of family drama, Bradley and Chance are feeling the strain of trying to keep their business afloat, their families happy, and planning their wedding. Chance is headed to an LGBT Charity horse show in L.A. just in time for Pride, but Bradley can't pull himself away from overworking and his insecurities.

Bradley gets it together, though, and their brief time in L.A. may be just what they need to remind themselves how much they matter to each other.

A Chance & Bradley Pride Month short. 9k words that include an insecure accountant, his frisky cowboy fiance, and a pair of riding chaps.

Hope y'all enjoy! And for those who haven't read Chance of the Heart it'll be available 5 days—June 18-23—for only $.99 as well (still free on KU), so now's the time to give the boys a try! [BUY CoTH HERE]