Saturday, February 22, 2014

SSS: The Climax

The final SSS. So... I'll do more like seven paragraph sunday this time haha. 6 days! Trouble & the Wallflower #FTW
Gavin flinched back, obviously affected. Carmen’s eyes flashed in victory, much the same as Gavin’s had at one time. Davy was stunned at the resemblance, but he knew that was where their similarities ended. He still had a sense there wasn’t much pretty lurking beyond the woman’s surface, whereas beyond his hard surface Gavin was all goodness.
“Fuck this. I won’t hear it.” Gavin marched over to Davy and snatched him by the hand. Davy could see the desperate need to flee in his lover, and the pain in Gavin’s eyes made him want to pull Gavin close and make everything better, though he knew he couldn’t.
“Come on, Davy. We’re fucking out of here.” Davy winced. Gavin obviously didn’t realize he was still yelling. Even if he did, Gavin was freaking out too much for Davy to think telling him to calm down would be wise. Davy went along as Gavin tugged him toward the door, throwing Ray an apologetic look. Before they’d made it out, though, Davy froze, pulling Gavin up short. Gavin tried to tug, but Davy stayed rooted to the spot looking at the door to the kitchen, and pulled back on Gavin’s hand.
“What in the serious fuck?” Gavin turned on Davy. Davy put a hand on Gavin’s face and let him have a moment to breath. Gavin’s nostrils flared, gaze darting over Davy’s face, wild with the need to run.
“Gavin, you gotta calm down.”
“What the fuck for?”
Davy did his best to not shrink under Gavin’s anger and panic. “Gav, you’re scaring him.” Davy nodded toward the young boy who’d come in from the kitchen, wide-eyed and apparently startled from all the yelling. Carmen noticed the boy at the same time Gavin did and moved toward him.
“And who in the fuck is that?” Gavin’s voice was so small.
“Language,” Carmen scolded. She folded the boy, who couldn’t have been more than three or four years old, up in her arms and lifted him onto her hip. Davy didn’t know how Gavin could ask such a silly question. The boy looked at them with another pair of those deep-brown eyes from under that similar noble brow as he hid in his mother’s shoulder.
“Who in the fuck is that?” Gavin was working himself into a fit.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Post Has Random Facts

Okay so I have the filter on my FaceBook that prevents anyone from just posting anything they wanna tag me in all willy-nilly. Well, I'm pretty fucktastically terrible at checking to make sure those posts don't get backed up because if it's important it seems like it makes its way on my timeline without fail, or maybe that's cuz I post a response? IDK, but the chances of me ever truly understanding half of FBs inner-workings are slim. ANYWHO. So since I also suck at posting often on my blog and I feel like I should leave it sitting over here on its lonesome, only to be taken advantage of when I'm shamelessly promoting a new book. So I've seriously been tagged OVER 50 TIMES to do this "15 Facts About..." thingy and dammit I can't help thinking that seems like an interesting post (assuming you reading this actually care about me). So... here we go

15 Facts About Kade Boehme

1. My nickname, Kaderade, actually came from my ex-boyfriend's brother but it STUCK.

2. I have 64 tattoos. No I won't post pics of them all.

3. My name really is Kade.

4. I once lived in Mississippi. It's true.

5. My parents didn't deal well with my coming out so I was homeless for a while. (my mom and I are talking again these days)

6. I call my oldest and closest friend Chrusty. She loves it. 

7. I don't like when people order the same thing as me off the menu. I will order something completely different if you say "I'll have what he's having."

8. I hate eating in front of other people. I usually take everything to go. 

9. I was a high school teacher for 3 years (my 2nd job was bartending at a gaybar).

10. I hate video/computer games. I don't have the attention span nor the strategic skills.  SN: World of Warcraft ruins lives.

11. My longest lasting roommate and our huge group of friends were drag queens and I used to spend a lot of time helping on the pageant circuit. No I never did drag, though there may be drunk photos of me in paint somewhere.

12. I love to dance in heels.

13. I'm a statistics/random facts/politics wonk. People are always like "how and why do you even know that, dude?"  I don't know. I honestly don't know.

14. So that it's not an awkward question if we ever meet in person, because everyone asks, yes the scars on my arms are from self-harming that I once did. They're not cute and they're easy to see but so your curiosity won't create an annoying or awkward moment, there's your answer.

15. My first stories (and i have about 30 unpublished/never gonna be published) were all done for an adult website. I wrote my first when I was 15, because when I first got internet it took 45 min to download a 2 min porn clip (oh yeah, Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke). That's not exactly easy to sneak around. I still have Windows 98 nightmares.

Well that was fun. It's hard coming up with stuff about myself like that haha. So hope it was at least mildly entertaining or at least something for you to kill 3 minutes of your life with. Sooooo.... of course now I shamelessly remind you that there's only ONE MORE seven sentence sunday, coming up this weekend, before the release of Trouble & the Wallflower. If you haven't pre-ordered it, you can do it here, though I suppose with only 9 days to go..... *dies* Stay tuned!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Trouble & the Wallflower Extra: Playlist

So I usually only remember one or two songs from a book I've written because I remember the ones I used to help me set the mood or that totally inspired a pivotal scene in the story. For Trouble & the Wallflower I remembered how much some people enjoy the playlists from the stories so I actually thought to write them all down the day I wrapped up the writing process. Each of these songs were important to a specific scene (except the first which kinda gave me the idea to where Gavin's character was headed. I owe Britney everything haha.) So for those who enjoy this type of thing... I give you the soundtrack to Trouble & the Wallflower:

Britney Spears - Trouble For Me

Robyn - Cry When You Get Older

Plumb - Arms Length

Robyn - Hang With Me

A Perfect Circle - Imagine

Lil Wayne - President Carter

Carmen Ejogo - Hooked on Your Love

Flyleaf - Red Sam (acoustic album version)

Robyn - Indestructible

Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive

Paul Van Dyk ft. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You 

After the book's release I'll connect the songs with their appropriate scene(s). Don't forget Trouble & the Wallflower releases at Dreamspinner Press (and all eBook retailers) on Feb 28. It's available for pre-order here. More T&tW extras and Seven Sentence Sundays coming your way soon as well as info on giveaways and blog stops. And for those waiting for more info on Where the World Ends (releasing at Loose Id March 11) stay tuned for cover reveal and blurbage in the coming week.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

A little news & Seven Sentence Sunday: Full of Surprises

Heya guys! Back with another Seven Sentence Sunday from Trouble & the Wallflower, releasing 2/28 at Dreamspinner Press. (available for pre-order now in eBook and print). Super stoked. We're almost there! Can't wait for y'all to get your hands on this book! It's got a special place in my heart. :)

So let's get right to the SSS. This week I'm taking you to a rainy Seattle summer afternoon in which Gavin is working on some homework at Davy's workplace (an old school ice cream and soda shop in the Market at Pike's Place) while Davy does his closing duties. Suddenly a song comes on the radio.

After washing the shake tins, Davy came around the counter with the broom to sweep under the tables.
“Hey!” Gavin yelled,excitedly, startling him. Davy turned wide-eyed to him.
“What the hell?”
“I love this song.” Gavin pointed at the speaker hanging in the corner. Davy so often tuned out the oldies station that he hadn’t noticed what was playing.
You like Aretha Franklin?” Davy looked at him incredulously. Usually in Gavin’s truck he played rap or indie rock bands that Davy had never heard of.
Gavin grabbed the broom from Davy and threw it in a corner, then pulled Davy by the hand to the middle of the room. “What can I say? I’m full of surprises.”

  That's it for this week guys! More coming soon! And only 2 weeks to go! Yayyyy!

 And before I go -- to catch myself and everyone else up on KB book news -- I thought I'd just do one quick post with dates now that these ones are set in stone.

1. Trouble & the Wallflower available 2/28 at Dreamspinner Press

2. Where the World Ends available 3/11 at Loose Id

3. Wood, Screws, & Nails with Piper Vaughn, available 4/23 at Dreamspinner Press

Whew. Busy spring for Kaderade. Should be revealing covers, blurbs and announcing blog stops etc as we approach release dates. Stoked! 


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trouble & The Wallflower: Seven Sentence Sunday #2

Hey all! Another 7 Sentence Sunday here to get y'all amped up for Trouble & the Wallflower, which is releasing in print and eBook on Feb. 28! *FLAILS* It's currently available for pre-order.

So in this snippet, Gavin and Davy are eating at Dick's, winding down after a night out with the guys. We're still pre-relationship. Gavin is trying to get to know our shy Davy but Davy's general lack of social skills has him a little embarrassed. After Davy gets bummed talking about the death of his mother, Gavin steers him back to talking about himself.

“So what do you do? Sit in your apartment by yourself?” That seemed so sad.

“I work a lot, as you well know”—that was pointedly accusatory—“and I do online classes. I don’t get much chance to meet people, but I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not great with people anyways, so I don’t ever know what to do when I get the chance to try to be friends with someone.” Davy chewed on his tongue, obviously a nervous habit, then laughed derisively. “Like now. You guys were great. You only hit on me the one time. Sean and Mason did their best to help me fit in, and here I am being a freak and dumping my shit on you.”
         “Davy, that’s what friends are for.” Friends don’t want to kiss it all better, though, Gavin.

 Hope y'all enjoyed that tid-bit. :)  Stay tuned for another snippet next week! Should have info on giveaways and blog stops soon. Also should be revealing the cover for Where the World Ends (releasing 3/11 at LooseId) soon!

More Trouble & the Wallflower: Seven Sentence Sunday #1, Original Blurb and Picspiration 

<3 kaderade

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seven Sentence Sunday (Belated)

**Well, I'd intended to start the Seven Sentence Sunday promo stuff for Trouble & the Wallflower this week and had set this post up... but did I publish it on Sunday so it could actually be a Seven Sentence Sunday post? Nooooo. Not me, cuz i'm a total spaz. So....... I post it now with MORE than seven sentences. Hope y'all enjoy.**

So it's the first SSS post for Trouble & the Wallflower. I couldn't be more stoked for y'all to finally get to read Gavin & Davy's story. To get everyone as pumped for it as me I'll be posting snippets (typically the idea is seven sentences, hence the Seven Sentence Sunday thing, but I'm guessing y'all are smart enough to figure that bit out ;) ) each week. Soooo....

In this bit, Gavin's just left the club after...well...being Gavin, and when he meets his friends at their favorite after-hour pizza place, they've decided to let him know he TOTALLY fucked up with Davy, who he's been trying so hard to impress. It's one of my fav scenes of all the guys together (sans Davy, obvs, since it's pre-relationship at this point).

“You know that ‘piece’ you’ve been chasing, aka crushing on hardcore? The guy from Bart’s?”
Gavin couldn’t help but smile at the mention of the blond jock he’d been playing cat and mouse with for months now. “Yeah. Soda Shop Davy?”
All the guys snorted collectively and Mason shook his head sorrowfully. “Yes. The one and the same,” Sean said.
“Why?” He wished they’d just spit it out already. He started thinking of blond  hair, blue eyes, and a firm jaw with a baby face and lickable pink lips. And don’t forget those biceps that were just right. Not too beefy but enough to show the guy did some working out.
Sean frowned at Gavin, wiping the smile from his face. “You blew your chance officially.”
“Would you guys spit it out?” Nate and Gavin said in unison.
“I’m confused,” was all Devon could manage to say through his alcohol-induced haze.
Sean’s look at Devon was not polite. “You’re always confused. The alcohol just renders you completely worthless.”
“I know right!” Devon laughed as though he’d just said the funniest thing ever. Everyone stared at him for a minute.
“Anyway,” Gavin said, returning all attention to Sean and Mason.
“He was at the club tonight, Gavin,” Mason said.
Gavin perked up. “Oh, shit! No way! Why didn’t you guys tell me?”
“Well, we tried to get him to come talk to you, but he’d unfortunately already seen you groping thong-boy’s schlong in front of the whole world,” Sean said sardonically. Nate gave a groan of sympathy as Gavin dropped his head with a thud on the table. “I’d say that ship has officially sailed.”
“Shame, too. We’d noticed him earlier but didn’t know it was him. He was definitely working up the nerve to come holla at you.” Mason burped loudly as if that added something to the statement. “Way to fail.”
“Why me?” Gavin’s voice was muffled by the table.
“I’m sorry, Oh Slutty One. What was that?” Leave it to Nate to goad the shit on. Devon just started giggling again. They all turned to stare at him for a quiet moment as he entertained himself in his corner of the booth.
“So what should I do?” Gavin knew he sounded desperate, but that was one piece of ass he’d been chasing far too long to see his chances vanish like this. If he was totally honest, the guy had almost become an obsession. It was those guileless blue eyes and that baby face he thought of before he fell asleep at night. He even saw them in his mind when other guys got him off. It was fucked up, but he was fucked up, so that made sense.
Sean patted Gavin’s shoulder. “I’m afraid you had one very small window here and you slammed that motherfucker good tonight.”
“On your dick. Hard. I’m surprised you didn’t feel it.”
“Thanks for the visual, Mase,” Gavin snapped. He was feeling sorry for himself, but he’d done this to himself. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Hope y'all enjoyed! We've only just begun so stayyyy tuned! Trouble & the Wallflower releases 2/28 at Dreamspinner Press in eBook and print. It's currently available for pre-order. Have I mentioned how stoked I am for this one?? 

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