Thursday, February 23, 2017


Since I'm only attending local signings and events until 2018 -- and for those who can't make it to local events -- for the first time, I'll be ordering paperbacks (no Dreamspinner titles) that I'll be signing and mailing out, along with swag items. 10 of my bestselling titles are available, including Slade, Chance, and Keep Swimming.

If you wanna order, fill out this form (more info in the form).

1 Book for $15
2 Books for $25
3 Books for $35
5 for $45
All 10 for $75

PRICING INCLUDES: Signed books, swag items, and Priority shipping. (ONLY shipping to U.S. add Canada -- add $5 USD for CA) 

Final day to sign up is Friday, February 25. Copies will be ordered Saturday, February 26, when invoices have been paid. Will be shipped USPS Priority (for US orders), Order Tracking # will be provided.

SLADE should be specified in the "more than one copy" section. I already ordered those, but few copies because they're more cost prohibitive thanks to my failed experiment with the new Amazon paperback platform -- if you order a signed copy of SLADE alone, it's $18.

To Fill out the order form with your choices: