Monday, January 7, 2013

Holidays, Birthdays and Deadlines. Oh MY!

Wowzers. It seems like it's been go, Go, GO! Here for me for the last few weeks. Christmas was meh, then there was New Years Eve/New Years where I inexplicable ended up in the backwoods of Washington state after being the Snooki of the Pacific Northwest all over town.

Well, here we go. First deadline. I'd resolved to get this novella I've been working on out by mid January so the clock is ticking and boy am I feeling it.You'd think for something I'm self publishing I wouldnt give myself fucking heart palpitations by giving myself a deadline, but c'mon. It's a tricky business, and self publishing makes me nervous because I'm super in love with these guys (Mark and Tyler) that I'm dying to get their story right and to get it out there (and hope yall don't hate it). I'm gonna drop the blurb on it ASAP.

Oh yeah, I turned 25 yesterday, with some help from great friends ;) Yall make life sweet, and encourage this silly fascination with M/M lovin' in which refuse to partake of in any way other than fiction.

<3 k

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