Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shenanigans and Such

Well it's been quite a few weeks. I'm not sure where to start, really. Hrm...

You Can Still See the Stars in Seattle made it to bestseller (Yes, i was #1 in the UK again. Yay!) And i'm super happy for all of the positive feedback I've gotten from Andy's story. I've been hearing from so fucking awesome readers who really make putting my work out there worth it. That's probably the coolest part of all of this: the readers. You guys make me swoon.

I contracted Trust the Cut with LooseId and so far have been told it will receive a June release. I'm super stoked to let you guys read it because it's my biggest project by far and it's my baby. I really REALLY worked hard on Jesse and Tucker's story so I'm super stoked as we start the editing process.

Working on some SOOPER SEKRIT projects that may be announced soon with a ballin' ass friend of mine. So many good things lined up, i just don't know what to do with myself. I'll be at the Grabby's in Chicago in May and GRL as a supporting author in October so i'm having a red letter year, so far.

My girls Piper Vaughn and Sue N came in for the week and we did tons of Seattle things as well as a trip to the beach and getting lost where the highway ends and finding THE INTERNET. Shit you not. It's in a box in Taholah, WA being protected by a pack of shifter mutts. CREEEEEPY. Also got a hellaciously awesome outline done for my big WIP at the moment so I'm super excited to get it under way. So... I'm just stoked and excited about life all the way around these days and I owe it all to yall, readers. I'm so grateful for this and everything that's been happening in the last few months. Hope I keep giving you things you want to read. You have my undying gratitude. *fangirls all over your face*


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