Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trouble & the Wallflower

I thought I'd release the blurb and Picspiration for the novel I've been working on, see what you guys think.

Gavin Walker

Davy Cooper

Trouble & the Wallflower by Kade Boehme

Davy Cooper isn't big on talking. Especially talking to guys. He's a gay man who was raised by his agoraphobic mother who homeschooled him to keep him out of the world. His only socialization came from his work at Bart's Soda Shop so now that his mother has died and he's left to go home to an empty studio apartment, he realizes just how lonely he's been. But any attempt to try to make friends bombs. Even trips to the club end with Davy holding up a wall, wishing he could just be normal and go start a conversation with someone.

Gavin Walker has never met a conquest that turned him down. He's sexy and confident with the style of a hipster but the swagger of the bad boys of a time long gone, mostly thanks to the influence of his grandfather, Ray, who took Gavin in after Gavin's mother became too  much to handle. Gavin doesn't know what it is about the quiet boy from the soda shop, but it keeps him dragging his friends down to Bart's every other day just to flirt shamelessly and leave his number, which always ends up in the trash.

When Gavin comes to Davy's defense from a rude guy in an ugly suit he realizes what Davy needs is friends so with the help of his group of wayward gay boys he sets out to make sure Davy has all that he can get. Until the attraction between them pulls too hard for both of them. They know they're completely incompatible, neither of them even wanting to date anyone. When they finally hookup, realizing they are both bottoms doesn't help much. In the end they accept that what they could have is too dear to give up so they wrestle Gavin's mother, Ray's cancer and that pesky bottom issue so that maybe, just maybe, they have a chance at proving that opposites really do attract. (And maybe two bottoms CAN make a right?)