Monday, July 1, 2013

Release Week Wowness

Just wow.
When you've waited so long for the release of your book and it finally arrives it's like OMFG IDK if I'm as ready for this as I thought... Haha. But here it is and no I'm not ready. Way too many feels about people finally getting to know Tucker and Jesse. But I worked long and hard on their story and it was a really personal thing for me. It was my first attempt at a full length novel that I finished long ago but sat on it fearfully. I did what one does when venturing into writing something like this for the first time and I wrote what I know. Guys, it's bleak a couple of times but don't doubt that it came from something genuine, even if it's not your cup of tea. So with that...I drop you just a few more lines to tease...

God, but Tucker could have used his mama in the last couple of years. He wondered if she would have accepted his sexuality or if she would have thrown him away like his father had. He doubted it. In fact, he imagined part of the reason his dad had been so unaccepting was because he did not have Tucker’s mother around. She would have made him understand. That was one conviction Tucker really had in this life.

He hated to think of the things she would have disapproved of. It was why he could not stand the disappointment in Alison’s face sometimes. He knew his mother would have given him that same look.

She certainly would have been disappointed in his scars. He pulled up the sleeves on his sweatshirt and looked at the mess of horizontal lines on his forearms. The world tilted a little as he truly studied them for the first time. He still felt ashamed, but he felt stronger than he had then. He knew he would not hurt himself anymore.

I hope.

He sighed. As if his mother decided to lift his spirits in that moment, snow flurries began to softly fall from the heavens. The first snow. And he was in his place. Now that was how it should be. He held out his hands and enjoyed the cold flakes landing on his skin, feeling much like his mother kissing the boo-boos.

He smiled wistfully.

What a nice thought.

So don't forget to check out some of the DTtC Blog tour stops. Joyfully Jay has an excerpt from & I gave her a copy for a giveaway! So follow the link below and get yourself entered for a chance.

On a final note, I'd like to thank everyone for their support and the response to my post about what it meant to me to have Article 3 of the Defense of Marriage act stricken down. It was awesome to hear from all of you and a huge heartfelt thanks from me to you.

So, happy reading. Hope you all go forth and read Don't Trust the Cut tomorrow (July 2). I'll post buy links as they become available in the morning.


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