Thursday, January 9, 2014

WIP: Gold Star. Picspiration & Blurb

Well, this is my WIP that's been consuming the most of my time. I was working on another story that was going to prevent this one from being written but since the other was set aside by a coauthor and I, I get to write my porn story, finally. I'm fascinated with some of the stories of how some studios are handling their marketing strategies. Some will only seek out models who may be open to bareback, some to models who are only bi. Some only want straight guys. So what happens if you're a fan favorite but you got popular and went exclusive BEFORE the site went Bi Frat Boy Paradise? Even more... what if you're a gold star gay who's so uninterested in vaginas that you never even had that cover up girlfriend back in middle school? So, Ben and Riley were born.

 Ben Serrano  
(the gold star)

Riley Hammond
(The G4P Boy)

Gold Star by Kade Boehme

Gold Star Gays, gay boys who’ve never slept with a woman. Ben Serrano never thought that was something that would be a problem at his job. Ben does gay porn to pay off his serious student loan debt (not that he’s complaining that he gets to have a little fun doing it). The lack of girly-bits being the whole point of gay porn right? In the year he’s been working with Marshall Price Studios he’s even worked with guys who came from straight porn because that doesn’t pay as much. But the head of the studio has decided that maintaining the Frat Boy image they have cultivated for the site requires models to have at least one bi scene. Now that Ben didn’t expect. And for all he wants to say no, his exclusivity contract for at least two more videos says otherwise--if he wants to get paid.

Photographer Riley Hammond felt bad when his buddy Ben is given the ultimatum to "go girl or go home". Riley himself hadn’t been too weirded out when he’d done a gay for pay scene back when he was still in front of the cameras, but, though he identifies as straight, he never had big hang ups when it came to sex. Riley wants to help Ben make in through the scene but they’re both thrown another shocker when Riley’s girlfriend is the studio’s actress chosen for the scene. 

At his wits end with the porn, unable to handle the girl scene, Ben’s boyfriend leaves while Riley’s girlfriend is annoyed at the guys’ prudishness, and Riley is dumbfounded to realizes he’d actually more jealous that she’s sleeping with Ben rather than vice versa.

Ben seriously wishes he’d not given up that gold star, but he and Riley both find that something awesome can sometimes come from even the most awkward of situations.

 This one has a tentative April release date. <3 Let's do this! Ohhh. And I warn that, yes the scene where he gives up the gold star is there and it's awkward. AWKWARD and there's viagra and fluffing and a connection between Riley & Ben that really sets the book on its way. So while it is detailed (because nothing is more awkward than the gay boy describing how that unwanted moment felt) it's not romantic or set up to entice.