Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book News Things and a Cover

Hey all! Long time no talk! I try not to ramble y'all ears off too much over on the blog since I'm sure many of you see me blabbing off around the web on Facebook and Twitter enough to make some of you want to throw shit at me. So I thought I'd catch y'all up with what's happening with upcoming releases, etc.

So Allison Cassatta and I have completed 2 novels in the last month and while one (Teaching Professor Grayson, 75k words) is currently with Dreamspinner right now being reviewed, the 2nd (We Found Love, 65k words) is with the betas and we should be sending it off to the publisher soon.

I'm Hard at work on my spin-off of Wood, Screws, & Nails (Screws, Nuts, & Bolts, which is Greg's story). Hope to have it in to DSP by June's end. Meanwhile I've embarked with a friend of mine as the first release from their new publisher, that title being Wages of Sin, which was originally slated for a July release and has been shifted back to a September release (we've changed the GoodReads page to reflect the change). 

So in the meantime, I'm announcing that I'll be dropping a novella in July called Keep Swimming. It's a light summer read.... Ok, who am I kidding? There's also my usual dash of complications thrown in the mix. So without further adieu, I give you the cover by the absolutely fabulous LC Chase, who never ceases to amaze me.

Keep Swimming 
by Kade Boehme

After his partner of four years dumped him with a 
pregnant surrogate, Cary Whitmore was forced to play single
 parent while starting up a new business. With the
dog bakery now semi-successful and his son healthy,
Cary thinks he may be ready to love again.

Heath Cummings is trying his damnedest to get
his charter boat service off the ground and dreams
of one day soon being able to quit his job as an
offshore driller. Paying off his dream requires 
making it through a couple more years, which
means being openly bisexual isn't in the cards just yet. 

When the two take their flirting to the next level,
Cary wonders if he cant handle another guy who might
take off, while Heath has to decide if he can risk
his dream of a laid back life—and giving up his long-held
and much enjoyed bachelor status while taking on a child
 when being a father was never on his to-do list.
 Will they sink, or will they keep swimming?