Sunday, September 7, 2014

Teaching Professor Grayson: Blurbage, Coverage

Hey guys. Well. It's that time again where I drop cover/blurb for my upcoming novel. This time, we hav a little difference, being that I co wrote this one with my dearest Allison Cassatta.Working with her was AWESOME. We came up with this one sitting in a bar at RainbowCon and within three weeks this baby was done. I still can't believe how great the process was. (We also wrote a second novel titled We Found Love which will release in Jan/Feb of 2015) Going through edits I kept reading sections and thinking HOLY CRAP I LOVE THESE GUYS. Haha. This one is def more romance driven, definitely didn't go the smut route with the virgin in this book. It was all a process and I hope y'all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Annnywhooo. So I leave you with cover and blurb for our upcoming Dreamspinner Release Teaching Professor Grayson.

Teaching Professor Grayson
by Kade Boehme & Allison Cassatta
(cover art by Allison Cassatta)

Christian Grayson is a professor of Sociology who comes from a close-knit, southern family steeped in values and tradition. He left Tennessee, using education as his excuse for escape, when he truthfully only wanted the freedom to be who he truly was. But at age forty, he’s still in the closet and still adheres to the morals his father, a Southern Baptist Pastor, raised him with. This includes saving himself for Mr. Right.

CJ Hata has been under Christian's wing since his freshman year. A genius, pure and simple, he's a senior now, and no longer needs to report to Professor G, but he still seeks his teacher out occasionally for a friendly chat.

When Christian accidentally outs himself to CJ while pouring his heart out about his dying father, CJ feels totally out of his element. He convinces himself to put forth his best effort because the man he’s been crushing on for four years needs a friend. In the meantime, everyone around CJ is stumbling out of the closet, but the one person he really wants to come out has barricaded himself in with the bible and his family's expectations.

Releasing November 1 at Dreamspinner Press. Will post pre-order links as soon as they're available. Can't wait!