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Teaching Professor Grayson: Snippet Sunday #1

Alright! It's that time again..and I'm SO effing stoked for y'all to read this one. Teaching Professor Grayson by me and Allison Cassatta drops in just a little over 2 weeks. (Pre-Order Here) or (Amazon). So to get you guys stoked I am going to do Snippet Sundays to give a sneak peek at our boys, CJ and Christian.

So in today's snippet, out boys have been eye fucking for a while, but the whole teacher/student aspect keeps them in line...aside from some other issues that reveal themselves throughout the book. Christian, experiencing a low moment, had called CJ the weekend before this snippet.. and from there....

Duck!” someone yelled out.
Instinct made Christian squat behind his car, leather messenger bag covering his head. Two seconds later, a Frisbee whizzed by and skittered across the asphalt. He stared at the plastic disc wide-eyed, mouth gaping.
Fuck. Professor G. I’m sorry.”
Christian blinked a few times before he realized he was standing face-to-face with CJ.
You okay?” his student asked.
Yeah. Um”—Christian nodded—“I’m fine.”
CJ mumbled something incoherent, and Christian could have sworn he got a once-over. Though he couldn’t imagine such was the case.
Excuse me?”
Um, nothing, Professor G.” CJ rubbed his palm over the back of his neck and a brief flicker of embarrassment flitted through his eyes before he straightened up and smiled amiably. “Welcome back from… wherever you were.” Apparently he wasn’t going to bring up the phone call.
Tennessee,” Christian said. “I’m from Tennessee.”
Ah—” It looked as though CJ was having an epiphany. “—that’s the accent.”
Yes, it is.” Christian grinned crookedly. If he didn’t know himself better, he’d swear he felt heat in his earlobes.
The smile faded when he thought about the last conversation he’d had with CJ—from the hotel room in Tennessee while Christian was in the middle of his breakdown. He wasn’t sure what he’d said. Most of it had to have been incoherent blubbering. Regardless, they needed to have a serious, mature discussion about it. He couldn’t afford to have his favorite student not respect him anymore. More importantly, he couldn’t have the school thinking something improper or inappropriate had taken place. Nothing could’ve been further from the truth.
CJ, I….” Christian thumbed over his shoulder toward the social sciences building “You think we could talk in private?”
No doubt.” CJ nodded before turning and trotting off to speak to some of the other guys who’d been waiting for him to return their Frisbee. After speaking to them briefly and signaling toward Christian, he received fist bumps and waved good-bye. He made his way back to Christian with a bag slung over his shoulder and his wonderfully heart-melting, toothy grin. His smile was as bright as the Florida sun, and just as warm.
Without saying anything, Christian turned in the direction of his building, concentrating on the sound of CJ’s footfalls and his heavy breathing. They’d played hard, obviously, and it took a whole lot of effort on Christian’s part not to imagine his pupil all hot and sweaty, sliding across the grass, and….
Christian cleared his throat when he felt the twitch between his thighs. He suddenly felt so incredibly wrong for picturing CJ the way he had, yet the visual didn’t seem to be in a rush to go away. His mind needed a change of scenery. Think about the essays.
Did you happen to bring the essay questions with you?” Christian asked.
I slid them under your door already.”
Perfect.” Well, so much for that.
They reached the social sciences building, and Christian fished his key from the pocket of his jeans. CJ silently followed him inside the building.
The walk down the hall to Christian’s office remained fairly quiet, save for the occasional squeaking of CJ’s sneakers on the linoleum. The noise would get louder, and CJ would try to walk softer. It was cute the way the rhythm changed, sped up then slowed. When they reached the office door, Christian stepped inside and turned on the lights, then hung his backpack on its trusty hook.
He took a deep breath, smelling nothing but old textbooks and piles of paper, office supplies as old as him. A hint of his cologne still colored the stale air. It was good to be home again, good to be where he belonged.
About the phone call last night….”

CJ put a hand up and shook his head, smiling in the way one might smile at a nervous animal. “Really, it’s not a problem. You needed to talk.”
Professor G looked particularly uncomfortable and—surprise, surprise—CJ didn’t know what to do with his professor’s agony. “We’ve all had bad nights.” Though, CJ couldn’t recall one that had him calling a random person to dump his issues. But that could’ve been attributed to him being completely emotionally unaware at times.
It was inappropriate. I felt I should apologize in person for… the whole weekend, really.”
CJ had to control the scoff wanting to escape. “Inappropriate seems a strong word. It was just a shitty moment in your life. What’s it matter who you reached out to? It’s supposed to be a good thing to talk out feelings. From what I’m told.”
I just wanted to let you know I appreciate all you did this weekend.” CJ wasn’t sure why, but his gaze wouldn’t leave Professor G’s plump, pink lips as he spoke. Speaking of inappropriate. “There’s a line teachers aren’t supposed to cross with students and….”
Words became meaningless sounds—blah, blah, blah. CJ was mesmerized by Professor G’s lips. They opened and closed. Opened and closed. The pink tip of his tongue peeked out for a split second. Oh God, stick it out again! The cheering squad checked in, and CJ’s brain checked out. Those lips were still moving.
CJ thought maybe he was staring too much, so he tried to meet Professor G’s eyes, but they weren’t nearly as inviting. The deep blue was something everyone should be lucky enough to get lost in once. No. No eyes. So he looked elsewhere and was taken yet again with the way Professor G’s cheekbones displayed the lightest, most endearing tint of pink. Ugh. And the slight graying at his temples. Fuck.
He managed to meet Professor G’s gaze once more but saw thinly veiled desire mixed with a heavier dose of embarrassment. CJ sucked in a sharp breath, then found himself grabbing his professor by his shirt and yanking him in for a kiss.

That's it for this week guys! Don't forget to check back for more on Teaching Professor Grayson. Available for pre-order at Dreamspinner Press [Click Here] and Amazon [Click Here], releasing everywhere November 21!

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