Friday, May 15, 2015

Surprise! Release Day is Here!

Muahahaha! I pulled it off! I wanted to surprise everyone by releasing early. And I did it! So... I'm giving a final snippet and the buy link for Chasing the Rainbow. To answer a question I've gotten, yes I hope to get it in print in the next couple weeks, but in favor of getting it out a little early I decided to focus on the eBook first so I'll let everyone know when it should be available in print.

So many huge thanks to everyone for sticking around for snippets and congrats to all the winners of the giveaway! I hope you all enjoy Jody & Bobby's story.

So here's the snippet. They're sitting around Bobby's house having dinner there for the first time. I love this convo because it's just so... them.

Bobby couldn’t remember anyone ever making him feel special for just being Bobby. Not that people in his life hadn’t treated him well, it’s just that Jody had this easy acceptance of Bobby that he hadn’t experienced before. No need for castles or babies—yet. The thought made Bobby shudder.
            “What just passed through that head of yours?” Jody asked. “You look like someone walked on your grave.”
            “I was thinking about kids.”
            Jody laughed at whatever expression Bobby made—probably one of fear, if Bobby was honest. “Well, I don’t think you’ll be knocking me up any time soon.”
            “Thank God for small favors.”
            “So no adopting babies from China. Understood,” Jody said, gravely.
            Bobby paused, his fork halfway to his mouth. “Is that… Is that gonna be a problem?”
            Jody’s serious expression melted away pretty quickly. “No. Not hardly. I’ve never wanted kids. No worries about me flushing my birth control.”
            “You’re an idiot,” Bobby said, fondly.
            They ate for another moment in contented silence, swapping winks and playing footsy like a couple of lovesick teenagers. At least, this is what he assumed what lovesick teenagers had felt, and he was sad he’d held himself back from feeling that way for so long. For a minute anyway. Because holding out had given him Jody, so far. It was hard as hell to consider that a waste.


Thanks again, so much, guys (& gals, of course)
Happy reading and much love,

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