Sunday, October 25, 2015

Borrowing Trouble: ARC Review Roundup

Teaser provided by Tracy McKay <3

"I have really come to enjoy this author’s tales of romance and his style of writing and this particular story was the perfect balance of sweetness, angst and piping hot sexy times."4.5 Stars from Lisa @ Sinfully Sexy Reviews. [Click Here] for full review. 

"I have found your next feel-good read! ... I truly enjoyed this book from beginning to end, it is a touching story about how finding true love may not always be easy but it is most definitely worth it."5 Stars from Jenn @ The Geekery Books Review. [Click Here] for full review. 

"What really struck me about this story, was not only was it Boehme’s inimitable romantic story with great MCs, it was alos a story that explores the complexities of being out, coming out, and falling love." 4.5 stars from Danielle @ The Watch & Word Society. [Click Here] for full review. 

"All in all this was another winner from Kade Boehme. He writes it- I read it. That’s how much I love his stories. If you’re looking for a beautiful love story then look no further." 4.8 Stars from Lili @ Gaybook.Reviews (Formerly JesseWave). [Click Here] for full review 

I'm blown away by all the kind words and the sales for Landon & Jay.  #1 Best Seller in Gay Romance & #1 Best Seller in LGBT Erotica, Borrowing Trouble is available now for $2.99 (USD) in eBook and available free to KU subscribers. Also available in paperback! If you haven't picked up your copy [Click Here].

Borrowing Trouble
by Kade Boehme
Now Available! 

After an amicable divorce, Jay Hill decided to move back to his rural hometown with his teenage kids. Being on good terms with his ex-wife and in laws has made the transition into single life pretty smooth. Things were good and uncomplicated. Then Landon Petty walked into his life.

Landon didn’t expect to still be stuck in his hometown working at his dad’s sawmill at this point in his life. Being an openly gay truck driver was as awkward in practice as in description. When Jay came to take over managerial duties at his dad’s business, Landon was surprised to find a friend. When Jay turns out not to be as straight as he thought, things get complicated.

When feelings for Landon shine a light on how much Jay’s life has been actually half lived, he’s forced to decide if he’ll jump in with both feet or if he’ll let Landon slip through his fingers.

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