Saturday, October 31, 2015

We Found Love Honorable Mention

I'm so happy! My friend Allison Cassatta and I co-wrote a book based in the most bleak of places—a mental hospital—with some pretty broken boys, hoping y'all would love them as much as we did. And you did. The feeback and sales were fabulous and I just wanted to hug everyone haha. Now, more cause to hug. Hunter & Riley take home an honorable mention from the Rainbow Awards, which tickles me to fucking death. <3

"This book echoes of pain and torment yet it is beautifully written with a bright light of hope of days yet to come. Definiitely a fab read.

Fantastic and emotional story. Wonderful character development that really draws a reader into the story and makes them invested in the characters as well as the story. Once I started reading, I didn’t stop until the book was finished.

This is one of the two best books I've read this year. The characters they built were phenomenally real---I felt like I knew them personally. And the settings (especially inside the mental institution) were also astonishingly real, like I was there myself. This book brought me to tears five times. I was able to find a few niggling points in the areas of plot and writing style that allowed me to shave a point off each of those categories, but this is a very-nearly perfect book!

This was an intriguing story and well written. I like stories with broken characters that find and fix themselves through the motivation of love." --
From the Honorable Mention at Reviews & Ramblings

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