Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Best Of...

Hey guys!

If you've not read some of my backlist or wanna force a friend to join the princess party and gift them a set, my Best Of box set is now available in eBook on Amazon!

The Best Of Kade Boehme

5 of Kade's Best Selling Books for only $4.99, including Proud Heart: a Chance & Bradley Pride Short for free!

Wide Awake: Attorney Tyler Marcus finds loves with an older man, coffee shop owner Mark Riley. Aside from their age difference, things are complicated by the fact Mark is the father of Tyler's best friend.

Keep Swimming: Cary Whitmore was left holding the ball with a new business and a pregnant surrogate when his ex walked out on him. He finds the possibility of a new future with sexy oil rig engineer and boat captain Heath Cummings. That is, if Heath finally comes out.

Chance Of the Heart: Chance Beckett always did what good boys in his town did, followed the path already taken. But when his girlfriend calls for a break so they can figure themselves out, the return of Chance's old friend from the horse show circuit leaves him twisted up... over a man. For the first time, Chance sees what his life could be if he's willing to take a chance of the heart.

Chasing the Rainbow: Bobby and Jody were both in long term relationships with women, both coming out later in their lives. But between family trouble and Bobby's unwillingness to commit, finding happiness at the end of the rainbow isn't easy.

Borrowing Trouble: When Jay Hill moves back to his rural hometown with his teenage kids in tow, his friendship with Landon Petty—his boss's son—was welcome. But eventually, Jay's feelings for Landon deepen and his life takes a turn he never expected.
(also available free on KU)