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Kade's 2015 M/M Favorite Reads And Giveway

Hey guys!

Well. Now that 2015—and my youth—is drawing to a close, I thought I'd do a couple posts on my year. But before I go rambling on about my own year of writing etc I wanted to do a post on JUST my favorite reads of the year. Some of these were no brainers and I knew I'd list without even a second thought, but it was hard to narrow it to a top 15. There were so many great releases this year and it'd be impossible to list ALL the five star reads put out by the amazing authors in our genre that I I fanboy over.

I'm listing these in no truly particular order. But these were seriously some of my not only top-read but often reread books of the year. I'm listing links if you wanna go out and buy any you may not have read. But. I'm also, at the end of this post, doing a giveaway which ends on the 28th for ALL these books PLUS a free copy of my new/re-release novella Good Enough.

by Joanna Chambers

I have no words for how much I love everything by Joanna. This book, though,
is her at her finest. You really should read EVERYTHING.

Victim of Love
by Darien Cox
[Click Here To Buy]
One of my auto-buys. Darien always does great angst. And HOLY SHIT i LOVED
Beck. Probably one of my fave MCs of the year.

by Riley Hart
[Click Here to Buy]

Holy shit. Nobody writes hot mens like Riley Hart. This one really had everything
I love in a good M/M. These guys were starting over [in EVERY way haha] and
growing and so great together.

The Five Boroughs Series
by Santino Hassell

Because JFC homie can write. From his characters to his vivid picture of
New York life for these guys, this series was SO much win.
(**I promise I'm not biased by the bromance.)

 The Right Words
by Lane Hayes

This series was EVERYTHING I love about Lane Hayes, this book in particular.

The Bohemian And the Banker
by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon

I love these ladies. I love their books, together and separate. 
(seriously, Bonnie's fairy re-tellings and Summer's Lamplighter...)
I could do a whole list with JUST their work. This one had SUCH a rich 
setting and characters that made my life. 

In Focus Series
by Megan Erickson

My new obsession. Megan could write a grocery list and I'd read it. This series was 
perfection. If I wasn't listing M/M only, I'd post her mostly M/F Gamer series, which

The Kage Trilogy
by Maris Black

This series was so fucking hot and angsty. 

One Glimpse
by Lydia Gastrell

Holy shit. This book was regency fabulousness. I didn't think she could
outdo herself, but Lydia is officially one of my favorites after this book.
You may want to read the first One Indulgence, but totally readable as a
stand alone. 

Memories of the Heart
by Felice Stevens

Felice is my go to girl for sweet, romantic reads. This one was
one of her best, the story just so touching.
(**promise no bias because she's my <3 )

The Darkest Flame
by Christina Lee

Because Smoke and Vaughn. That is all.

Valor on the Move
by Keira Andrews

Rafa and Shane pulled me in and wouldn't let me go. This was fabulous.

Blueberry Boys
by Vanessa North

This was so beautifully written and I don't think I've just fallen in love with
a character like I did for Jed in such a very long time.

A Fortunate Blizzard
by L.C. Chase

Because GODDAMN. My heart. L.C. ruined me and put me back together.
This was flawless.

Secrets From the Egde
by S.c. Wynne

This was fun and fast paced and everything I've come to expect from S.c.
I adored the story and want MORE MORE MORE.

YALL! This was hard! (heh.) But really. I started with a Top 10 but kept adding books. And ... Lord. Well, we ended up with a Top 15. 

And fuck it. Before I get to the giveaway, I'm gonna just do it anyways...

I REALLY don't often read M/F but when I do, it's Megan Erickson haha. Seriously, when I set out to write my own M/F I wanted an author I KNEW I liked who'd crossed over because I wanted to get a feel for sex and story lines and writing style, so I picked up Megan's Gamer series. And I loved it. It's EFFING sexy and fun. So if you like M/F, grab it. BUT she surprised me and said she was doing a "more adult M/M", as she'd previously been doing NA for the In Focus series. Then months later she sends me this ARC and IT WAS CHAD! I squealed, I won't lie. He's the brother of what of the earlier female MCs and it ties in with the series (oh the pun), but can be read as a stand alone so I'm giving you all these links.

The Gamer Series 
by Megan Erickson

OKAY! And NOW the giveaway!

The Giveaway: I'm giving away all 15(ish) books as well as my upcoming re-release Good Enough. If they're a series you get ALL the books in that series. You'll also win Megan's Gamer series. If you've already read the book, you can request something from their backlist OR give me the e-mail of a friend to gift a copy to.

So don't forget to hit up the rafflecopter below!

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  1. Your book suggestions are always spot on. I have read all of the ones by Felice and Megan and they were mind-blowingly incredible, so I know I have to get the rest of them soon. Thanks for the heads up on some awesome reads!

  2. I love this cool contest , look forward to reading many of your suggested titles and more .

    Happy Holidays !

  3. Some new authors to me on that list. Look forward to finding out more about them. Thanks for the chance

  4. I've read 9 of the 15 already but it looks like this contest is a chance to check out a few more favorite reads from one of my favorite authors

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  5. Wow... pretty good list. Read a fiew of the books this year too and love them very much!

  6. I can't believe I haven't read a single one of the titles on your list. I guess that means they're all to be transferred to my TBR list. Oh man. So many books and so little time. Thank you for sharing your best off's. :)

  7. Awesome giveaway. I've read some of those too and I agree so good!!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  8. Wow awesome list kade ! I really need to read the Megan Erickson ones (m/m) been hearing a lot about it but never got around to it . hugs dani x

  9. Wow awesome list kade ! I really need to read the Megan Erickson ones (m/m) been hearing a lot about it but never got around to it . hugs dani x

  10. Wow great list! I have read and reread a couple of these books also! Thank you for the chance at this awesome giveaway! Enjoy your holiday and Merry Christmas everyone!

  11. Unnatural was one of my favourite books this year. Also loved Crossroads.

  12. And the To Read list grows yet again. Thanks for the recs (and the chance to win!)

  13. Thanks for this. My TBR list will always be long. There is too much good and you authors still write more and more <3

  14. Some very interesting books in this list, many I haven't read.

  15. Many I've read. Hadn't heard of Megan Erickson until you mentioned this author. Another new one to add to my TBR listings. Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  16. I love your books and your book recommendations. Happy Holidays.