Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busted: A Don't Trust the Cut Teaser

Hey guys! We're only a week away from the release of Don't Trust the Cut and I'm so excited that I wanted to do a little more teasing. I thought I'd drop one of the lighter moments in the book that's er... awkward in the end. DTtC was listed as "surprisingly light despite the subject matter" so I figured I'd show one of those moments. Like Seven Sentence Sunday this won't be a very long excerpt. I mean... it is a teaser after all. So... yall enjoy!

Tucker placed the plates at the table. Jesse and Alison gave him entertained looks.

“What?” He was confused.

“Oh, nothing.” With a laugh, Jesse shook his head dramatically.

“You’ve only been sitting there laughing at the roast for ten minutes.” Leave it to Alison to always make sure he blushed every shade he could. He sat down in his chair as far away from the two of them as possible, hunching his shoulders in embarrassment, wishing he was a turtle so he could sink his head into his shell.

“Oh, come on, Tuck. It was cute.” The doorbell rang just as Jesse reached a conciliatory hand across the table to Tucker.

Alison wagged her finger at Jesse as she stood to answer the door. “Big burly men should never use the word cute.” The doorbell rang again. “I’m coming!” she screamed through the house.

Tucker took Jesse’s offered hand shyly. Jesse made it clear he would have none of that. He grabbed Tucker’s hand firmly and pulled Tucker to meet him in the middle of the table as he leaned over to give him a sweet kiss. They didn’t use their tongues, but tongues weren’t necessary. This was a hello.

Like coming home.

Oh no. That was not a good thought.

“Uh, boys.” Alison broke up their kiss, but they still lingered on each other for a moment. “Don’t let us be a bother or anything, but I was just telling Miranda here that she and Marmaduke seem to have a talent for stopping by on the same day.”

Both men snapped their heads at Miranda’s face. Alison’s face was trying to conceal laughter. Jesse seemed to tense, and Tucker’s gaze dropped at the unreadable look on Miranda’s face. There had definitely been that same hidden fire in them that he had seen at their last meeting.

“Nice to see you, Tucker, Jesse.” Her words were cordial enough.

“Nice to see you too, Miranda.” Tucker never took his gaze off the table. Why did he feel guilty?
“Guess complaining about exes is off the table as a topic,” Miranda said drily.

 Hehehe, I laugh at the image of this scene in my head. Miranda and Jesse have a few awkward moments like this. It's pretty amazeballs while painfully awkward. So don't miss that and more of Alison' when Don't Trust the Cut releases at LooseId on July 2nd. I will be providing buy links when available.


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