Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pride Month and Projects Galore

Hey guys!

I'm super stoked. So many good things going on these days. I'm gonna burst with all these feels. Oh em gee! Of course I'm all giddy cuz it's pride month and I've been volunteering for everything under the Pacific Northwest sun. Yours truly gets to wrangle shirtless boys all morning at the pride parade for Seattle Out & Proud. It may sound like a chore...I assure you, it is not. ;)


So first we have Don't Trust the Cut dropping in 2 effing weeks! I'm. So. Excited. *does the Jessie Spano freak out version of I'm So Excited* Now that I'm done with that.... I finished some serious dragon-writing throw-down fuck that manuscript hard and put it away DONE writing. 3 wks, 63k words and Trouble & the Wallflower is submitted to the publisher. *flails* I really am so stoked for y'all to meet Gavin and Davy. Also in the next couple months my weekly serial Room 1224 will begin (August 10) and Wide Awake is being re-released on August 6th with a re-edit, extra content AND a new cover by my bestie (and the best cover artist EVAH!) L.C. Chase (who did the cover for Stars and is pretty much doing every cover of mine ever from this point on......except DTtC cuz they didn't let me pick that artist but Dar Albert was fabulous so I digress.) Oh yeah. Wide Awake will be available in print on that day, as well. *happy dance*

By then we'll be making out way *THIS* much closer to my Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up,  Atlanta Pride (hometown, represent!) and GayRomLit retreat. I'm. So. Stoked. Been getting my swag ready for them all and hearing from alot of readers that I'm so excited to meet! Y'all have been so rad!

Which brings me to my next order of business. I have rolled right along into my next manuscript. Another day another gay, they say. (he he he) So I thought since I'm in a fantabulous fucking mood I'd share the picspiration and blurb for this novella I'm gonna hammer out in the weeks to come. I'm really excited about this one. I got a thing for bad boys and goddammit does Gianni fit that bill. I present to you... Gangster Country.

Logan Marshall

Gianni Rodrigues

Gangster Country by Kade Boehme

Logan Marshall moves to New York to be a social worker where he feels he's needed most. Logan's always had it good. His Daddy is a preacher, sure, but he preaches a laid back, tolerant congregation who accepted Logan's sexuality gracefully.  He's from a ranch in nowhere, Texas, which makes him a hot ticket in the clubs with his tight, work strengthened body and his cute accent. He's out of his element in New York, not looking for Mr. Right Now but Mr. Right. Until he meet's the hottest guy he's ever seen. Gianni is no good and that's a challenge. But Logan's up for a challenge.

Gianni Rodriguez grew up in Brooklyn. Nothing could be further from the way he was raised than innocent, good hearted Logan was. Gianni is fascinated that people like Logan even exist. And parents that not only are God-fearing, but also accepting?

Gianni has been carrying pot for his older brother, Miguel, since he could cross the street without someone holding his hands, and carrying a gun in his waisteband since he was old enough to shoot without making his arm feel like jelly. There's nothing accepting about the streets he roams. His Mexican father would sooner have a murderer for a son than a faggot and his Italian mother goes to confession if she accidentally flips the channel to an episode of Jerry Springer.

No. There's no acceptance for Gianni. Not even from his friends. As second in command of Los Cuervos, his brother's not-so-merry band of drug runners and pimps, Gianni's life would be in serious jeopardy if anyone ever knew the truth. That's why his growing attraction for Logan is a bad thing.

Logan is called in his capacity as a case worker on one of the Los Cuervos's suppliers' family and when he decides the children should be removed from the home, Gianni is the one called in to take care of the little problem. When Gianni realizes his mark is Logan all he can think to do is hide him and fast, risking everything, even his family for a hot piece of ass. One that may not even want him once he realizes what a monster the man he's been sleeping with really is. Could Logan be Gianni's reason to go straight? Or will they both go straight to an unmarked grave in the Poconos?    

 Yay! I hope that whet your appetite for more. I'm having wayyyy too much fun writing these guys' smexy times. ;) 

Don't forget Don't Trust the Cut is out July 2 at LooseId. And thank you guys for giving me the ability to do what I love. Y'all are the fucking bestest and I hope I keep making y'all as happy as y'all make me!

Peace, Love and Motherfucking PRIDE


  1. Sounds waaay cool! Need a beta reader, by any chance? I'm broke and off sick, and love your stuff!