Thursday, June 13, 2013

GRNW Giveaway

Hey hey!

So this is simple. This is for my Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up attendees. I'll be giving away a free eBook copy (in whatever format you need) of Don't Trust the Cut on release day (July 2) and getting your name in the hat is easy. Here's how to do it:

1) This is the big one. You must be a GRNW attendee. You have a ticket? Tweet me, holla at me on Facebook or shoot me an e-mail. All you gotta do is show me you're coming thru whichever medium your comfortable with. Take a pic of your tix. You don't have to show me any of that private info like your name and bloodtype. Just proof you've got the goods. And this giveaway last until June 31 so there's still time to preorder those tickets ($15).

2) Follow me on twitter? Your name goes in again.

3) Follow me on FB? Ditto

4) GoodReads? Yeah... You get this idea.

5) Follow GRNW on twitter? BAM!

6) Heeeere's another fun one. Anyone GRNW peeps coming to Seattle pride? See me there and brave my perkiness to come and say "hello" and you'll get your name in an extra 2 times. (I gotta represent, you know.)  ...... Oh. And you know taking the effort to actually see me at pride will be worthy of much more than just a chance to win a free copy of my book so I'll let you know that perk in person (and that's soooo not as naughty as it sounds)

So there's LOTS of ways to get your name in, GRNW folks. You've got a little over two weeks. Happy tweeting ;)


PS: Below is the blurb for Don't Trust the Cut (novel out 7/2 from LooseId).

Don't Trust the Cut by Kade Boehme

Life hasn’t always been easy for Tucker Grey and his way of dealing is less than desirable. He’s trusted in the wrong people and things for too long, but this time he’s determined to stand on his own and make things better. And he is. Until Jesse Bauer enters his life.

Jesse is a good son, a good Marine, and a doting boyfriend. For years he’s managed to keep his truth buried and the people in his life happy. But that all changes when he’s medically discharged and meets Tucker at a welcome home party.

The draw between them is strong from the first moment, but they’ll never find happiness together unless Jesse can prove himself and Tucker can learn to trust more than the cut.

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