Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's Up?

I'm still suckishly horrible at blogging. I try and I try but I still can find 3rd graders who write more interesting posts than me. *sigh* Regardless, I thought I'd at least let everyone know what's new with me.

I'm almost finished with Trouble & the Wallflower, Book 1 in the Market Boys series. I'm super excited! :)
I was a slacker and went down to Portland for the weekend where I had dinner with Anne Tenino, Amelia Gormley, Devon Rhodes and Ethan Stone. Those guys were awesome. And the shenanigans were pretty badass, I must say. Hard to beat naked bicyclists and driving on train tracks.... But I digress...

So I squeed about it and posted enough that I'm sure everyone knows by now that I got the cover art for my novel Don't Trust the Cut which drops July 2 from LooseId.

That brings me to my next topic: Blog Stops. I'll be dropping by the blogs of some good friends with eBook giveaways and guest blogs for Don't Trust the Cut, even a new Tucker and Jesse scene will be popping up. So thanks to these guys for having me on and here's the list.

July 1 - Joyfully Jay
July 2 - Sinfully Sexy Books
July 3 - Babes in Boyland
July 5 - World of Diversity

If any more come up, I'll be sure to update everyone. Thanks again to those guys for having me.

Don't forget to come say howdy if you're gonna be at Seattle Pride Picnic or at the Pride parade. I'll be volunteering for both and would be tickled pink to see y'all. (It won't be hard to find me since I'll be tweeting my info like I'm begging for stalkers [maybe I am but that's neither here nor there])

So that's about it for this week.


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