Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seven Sentence Sunday

Hey guys! Thought in the next 3 weeks leading up to the release of Don't Trust the Cut I would release seven sentences each Sunday. So yall met Tucker in the prologue excerpt (which is only half of the prologue, BTW. [Don't hate. I was only allowed 1k words!]). You'll briefly meet Jesse Bauer in our seven sentences today.

In the seven sentences today we are off into the first chapter and a year after the prologue. Tucker is at his work, Serelli's Italian Restaurant and had just received a bit of a surprise, as had Jesse. Enjoy... (and's prob a few more than seven sentences, but whatev.)

“Hello, Tucker,” Jesse said, almost like an embarrassed child.

“Hi, Jesse. Thought maybe you didn’t remember me,” Tucker tried to joke.

Jesse hardened his face and looked at him like he was preparing to be strong even though he was getting flogged.

“You okay?”

“No. I was an asshole. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I didn’t just say hello.” Jesse put his hands in the pockets of his very expensive-looking pants. He softened his eyes, but his lips were still a straight line. “Of course I remember you.”

 Okay guys! Hope you enjoyed! Those were seven sentences from Don't Trust the Cut releasing July 2, 2013 at LooseId. See ya again next week for another seven sentences!


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I do not own the obove image. It is picture inspiration for a fictional restaurant.

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