Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seven Sentence Sunday

Time for another Seven Sentence Sunday with Tucker and Jesse. We're only two weeks out from the release of Don't Trust the Cut (yay!!) so I thought I'd give a few more lines than just seven. As much I like to tease, seven just seems such a small number. So you get like nine in stead. Haha.

Anywho. In the following scene Jesse has stopped by to see Tucker and Tucker is making them some "hot chocolate". After revealing Miranda had come by to talk earlier in the night, Tucker is feeling a little guilty.

Jesse took Tucker’s shoulders and spun him around so they were face to face. Tucker looked hurt. “Hey, you, I know exactly what I’m getting into here. I never said it would be easy for me. This is the first time since high school.” Tucker looked surprised. “What, you thought I was just gay for you? You’re pretty, but I didn’t think you were conceited. Sheesh.” He could not help teasing the shy man. “Miranda knew this about me going into the relationship. You are not the other woman. I stepped back from a relationship that was going south fast to make sense of my feelings for you. I know that is not exactly what you want to hear, but please take it for what it is. I will not let you be collateral damage. That I can promise.”

“Don’t you know how to charm a boy?” Tucker said, playfully. “Marshmallows?” He held the bag up between them.

Alrighty! This has been another Seven Sentences, brought to you by that sexy snow man mug up there. Hope y'all enjoyed! It's almost here! Don't Trust the Cut releases July 2nd at LooseId. Stay tuned for giveaways, blog tour info and more teasers here at Kaderade: In Your Face (gosh, I'm so classy).


I do not own the rights to the photo of that damn sexy little snow man mug. Unfortunately.

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