Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Post Has Random Facts

Okay so I have the filter on my FaceBook that prevents anyone from just posting anything they wanna tag me in all willy-nilly. Well, I'm pretty fucktastically terrible at checking to make sure those posts don't get backed up because if it's important it seems like it makes its way on my timeline without fail, or maybe that's cuz I post a response? IDK, but the chances of me ever truly understanding half of FBs inner-workings are slim. ANYWHO. So since I also suck at posting often on my blog and I feel like I should leave it sitting over here on its lonesome, only to be taken advantage of when I'm shamelessly promoting a new book. So I've seriously been tagged OVER 50 TIMES to do this "15 Facts About..." thingy and dammit I can't help thinking that seems like an interesting post (assuming you reading this actually care about me). So... here we go

15 Facts About Kade Boehme

1. My nickname, Kaderade, actually came from my ex-boyfriend's brother but it STUCK.

2. I have 64 tattoos. No I won't post pics of them all.

3. My name really is Kade.

4. I once lived in Mississippi. It's true.

5. My parents didn't deal well with my coming out so I was homeless for a while. (my mom and I are talking again these days)

6. I call my oldest and closest friend Chrusty. She loves it. 

7. I don't like when people order the same thing as me off the menu. I will order something completely different if you say "I'll have what he's having."

8. I hate eating in front of other people. I usually take everything to go. 

9. I was a high school teacher for 3 years (my 2nd job was bartending at a gaybar).

10. I hate video/computer games. I don't have the attention span nor the strategic skills.  SN: World of Warcraft ruins lives.

11. My longest lasting roommate and our huge group of friends were drag queens and I used to spend a lot of time helping on the pageant circuit. No I never did drag, though there may be drunk photos of me in paint somewhere.

12. I love to dance in heels.

13. I'm a statistics/random facts/politics wonk. People are always like "how and why do you even know that, dude?"  I don't know. I honestly don't know.

14. So that it's not an awkward question if we ever meet in person, because everyone asks, yes the scars on my arms are from self-harming that I once did. They're not cute and they're easy to see but so your curiosity won't create an annoying or awkward moment, there's your answer.

15. My first stories (and i have about 30 unpublished/never gonna be published) were all done for an adult website. I wrote my first when I was 15, because when I first got internet it took 45 min to download a 2 min porn clip (oh yeah, Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke). That's not exactly easy to sneak around. I still have Windows 98 nightmares.

Well that was fun. It's hard coming up with stuff about myself like that haha. So hope it was at least mildly entertaining or at least something for you to kill 3 minutes of your life with. Sooooo.... of course now I shamelessly remind you that there's only ONE MORE seven sentence sunday, coming up this weekend, before the release of Trouble & the Wallflower. If you haven't pre-ordered it, you can do it here, though I suppose with only 9 days to go..... *dies* Stay tuned!