Monday, February 17, 2014

Trouble & the Wallflower Extra: Playlist

So I usually only remember one or two songs from a book I've written because I remember the ones I used to help me set the mood or that totally inspired a pivotal scene in the story. For Trouble & the Wallflower I remembered how much some people enjoy the playlists from the stories so I actually thought to write them all down the day I wrapped up the writing process. Each of these songs were important to a specific scene (except the first which kinda gave me the idea to where Gavin's character was headed. I owe Britney everything haha.) So for those who enjoy this type of thing... I give you the soundtrack to Trouble & the Wallflower:

Britney Spears - Trouble For Me

Robyn - Cry When You Get Older

Plumb - Arms Length

Robyn - Hang With Me

A Perfect Circle - Imagine

Lil Wayne - President Carter

Carmen Ejogo - Hooked on Your Love

Flyleaf - Red Sam (acoustic album version)

Robyn - Indestructible

Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive

Paul Van Dyk ft. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You 

After the book's release I'll connect the songs with their appropriate scene(s). Don't forget Trouble & the Wallflower releases at Dreamspinner Press (and all eBook retailers) on Feb 28. It's available for pre-order here. More T&tW extras and Seven Sentence Sundays coming your way soon as well as info on giveaways and blog stops. And for those waiting for more info on Where the World Ends (releasing at Loose Id March 11) stay tuned for cover reveal and blurbage in the coming week.


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