Saturday, February 22, 2014

SSS: The Climax

The final SSS. So... I'll do more like seven paragraph sunday this time haha. 6 days! Trouble & the Wallflower #FTW
Gavin flinched back, obviously affected. Carmen’s eyes flashed in victory, much the same as Gavin’s had at one time. Davy was stunned at the resemblance, but he knew that was where their similarities ended. He still had a sense there wasn’t much pretty lurking beyond the woman’s surface, whereas beyond his hard surface Gavin was all goodness.
“Fuck this. I won’t hear it.” Gavin marched over to Davy and snatched him by the hand. Davy could see the desperate need to flee in his lover, and the pain in Gavin’s eyes made him want to pull Gavin close and make everything better, though he knew he couldn’t.
“Come on, Davy. We’re fucking out of here.” Davy winced. Gavin obviously didn’t realize he was still yelling. Even if he did, Gavin was freaking out too much for Davy to think telling him to calm down would be wise. Davy went along as Gavin tugged him toward the door, throwing Ray an apologetic look. Before they’d made it out, though, Davy froze, pulling Gavin up short. Gavin tried to tug, but Davy stayed rooted to the spot looking at the door to the kitchen, and pulled back on Gavin’s hand.
“What in the serious fuck?” Gavin turned on Davy. Davy put a hand on Gavin’s face and let him have a moment to breath. Gavin’s nostrils flared, gaze darting over Davy’s face, wild with the need to run.
“Gavin, you gotta calm down.”
“What the fuck for?”
Davy did his best to not shrink under Gavin’s anger and panic. “Gav, you’re scaring him.” Davy nodded toward the young boy who’d come in from the kitchen, wide-eyed and apparently startled from all the yelling. Carmen noticed the boy at the same time Gavin did and moved toward him.
“And who in the fuck is that?” Gavin’s voice was so small.
“Language,” Carmen scolded. She folded the boy, who couldn’t have been more than three or four years old, up in her arms and lifted him onto her hip. Davy didn’t know how Gavin could ask such a silly question. The boy looked at them with another pair of those deep-brown eyes from under that similar noble brow as he hid in his mother’s shoulder.
“Who in the fuck is that?” Gavin was working himself into a fit.