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Snippet Sunday #1: Old Friends, New Friends

Hey guys! It's that time again. You know the time I'm talking about. When I start blasting you with posts to get y'all amped for my upcoming release! Yay! Haha. My new book Keep Swimming releases in three short weeks—July 15. I thought it was time I started dropping some teasers. So, rather than the usual Seven Sentence Sundays, I thought I'd do Snippet Sundays, since we all know I never just do seven sentences anyways.

In this snippet, one of our MCs Cary's friend Kent has talked him into leaving his kid with a sitter—something he rarely does just to go out—and coming out to their favorite gay sports bar (in Pensacola, FL where most of the book takes place). While there, a smartass guy sits next to them and the friend that meets up with him turns out to be a familiar face from the kennel he volunteers for. Enter our other MC, Heath.

“Shit,” the guy said. Cary and Kent frowned at each other then looked back to the guy whose smile had faltered. He glanced up, looking at the seat to the other side of Cary. “Would it be a huge imposition to ask you guys to scoot down one?”
Cary shook his head but Kent bristled. “You know there are tables free over there,” he said, pointing at the empty bistro tables in the back. Cary smacked Kent’s arm and mouthed be nice. Kent had definitely figured out the guy was hitting on him, so he was turning off what little charm he had. Cary didn’t know why his friend was so against being propositioned but he didn’t feel right asking.
“Not a problem,” Cary said, grabbing Kent by the sleeve and pulling until they’d both scooted over one.
The guy scooted down, planting his ass down in the seat next to Kent and earning a huff from him in the process. He reached a hand around Kent and held it out. “Thanks, buddy.” Cary took the proffered hand and shook. “My friend struck out with his girl so he said he’s on his way out. We don’t get to do this often so…”
“It’s cool,” Cary assured him.
“His girl?” Kent asked. “You know this is a gay bar, right?”
Cary elbowed Kent. The other guy suddenly looked horrified. “Oh, shit? Really?” He stood and looked around. “You mean… these guys… all of them?”
Kent sneered. “You might wanna take the party elsewhere before your buddy gets the wrong idea.”
“No shit. Thanks for the warning!” The guy sat back down and accepted a fruity looking cocktail. It looked funny in his meaty hand. He easily had two inches and forty pounds on Cary, and Cary was no waif. After the guy sipped his cocktail he turned to them again. “Wouldn’t have wanted to drink with straight boys.”
“You’re an ass,” Kent said with grudging admiration. Cary just chuckled.
“The name’s Kyle, actually.” He held a hand out which Kent accepted this time. “And usually it’s the morning after before I get called names.”
“Well, I don’t do the night before the morning after so you’ll have to settle for name-calling now. And you really are an ass if you set up a straight friend like that.”
“Oh, shut up, Kent,” Cary said, nudging his friend’s shoulder. Kent was in rare form tonight.
Kyle laughed. “No, it’s cool. My boy swings whichever way wants to put out. He’s a himbo, but he’s good people.” He took a drink of his cocktail. “He’s a bonafide bisexual.” He gave a mock shudder on the final word. “I’m surprised he’s coming out tonight. Usually I have to drag him kicking and screaming.”
“But he’s bi?” Kent asked. “Wouldn’t that mean he’d be cool coming out to these places?”
Kyle gave a noncommittal shrug, like maybe he’d over shared. He had been awfully forthcoming for a total stranger. “Oh, here he is now.” He set his drink down on the bar and rose to shake hands with his friend. “I was just telling my new friends your life story, here.”
“Of course you were,” the familiar voice washed over Cary. When Kyle sat back down, he met Heath’s eyes over their friends’ heads. Heath’s eyes widened slightly, face flushing with what Cary thought was embarrassment, until he noticed the pleased smirk he’d seen time and time again—the look that had made Cary think the man was interested, even if just a little.
But bisexual? Cary had been on that ride before, granted it was in college and boys at that age are fickle; be they gay, straight, or bi, so lumping Heath in with that particular ex didn’t seem fair.
But hadn’t he just been with a woman? And he kinda sucked at making sure to take his dates very seriously from what Cary had seen.
“Cary, right?” Heath asked, walking over to him.
Cary nodded. “Hey, Heath.”
“You two know each other?” Kent asked, eyeing Heath skeptically.
“Yeah. We’ve seen each other around,” Heath said, winking.
“Oh, the plot thickens.” Kyle sounded pleased with himself. “Aren’t you glad I dragged you out, now?”
Heath turned back to his friend. “Shut up, Kyle.”

Alright, guys. That's it for this week's Snippet Sunday. Stay tuned for giveaway announcements, as well as story extras and more snippets from Keep Swimming, releasing July 15.

<3 Kaderade

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