Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Ranty Moment About Political Decorum

    I need a minute.

    The Faith & Freedom Coalition is having its "Road To Majority" convention in Washington DC this weekend and they've reportedly used urinal cakes that are a likeness of President Obama. 1) What in the hell happened to respecting our President. I get we all have different views, etc, but one thing my family always demanded was respect when speaking of the man who holds that office. Even if you disagree with him, there were ways to voice that while still respecting THAT IS OUR PRESIDENT. 2) If any liberal group had done such a thing during President Bush's tenure, though the GOP despises him and hides him now, back in his terms in office, you'd have been strung up, boycotted, and publicly shamed for speaking against him and his administration. I find it sad, because people have gotten away with SO much where this President is concerned: blatant racism, total public disrespect. I don't say this so much as a defense for President Obama, himself, though I do have immense respect for the man; I wonder more about our total loss of integrity as a nation, our loss of basic manners, decorum and respect in public forums. I find this highly offensive, and I'm certainly not one easily offended. And yes, I'd find it just as offensive were this a sitting conservative President. I just ask, is there place for any of this in public discourse? Is it appropriate and do we honestly feel proud this is part of the modern political landscape? Is this how it's to be? We let them get away with racism, so what happens when the first female President is elected? Do we let them call her a bitch? And the first hispanic president? Hell, the first middle-american President, will it be okay when people call them white trash? I think we forget ourselves, and I do understand that politics, like religion, are touchy and people get defensive. But this is embarrassing for all of us. Maybe it's time we all look in the mirror and ask ourselves just how much disrespect we're willing to heap on one another before no one takes us seriously any more?

Oh, wait. They already don't. And that's the most embarrassing thing of all.

(original reporting/photo seen at Joe.My.God.)