Thursday, June 26, 2014

Snippet Sunday #2: Beaches and Boats and Gus, Oh my.

(Releasing this early since I already had it set up. Keep Swimming is available now on Amazon.)

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Hey Guys! Time for another Snippet Sunday! Just two weeks til Keep Swimming drops on July 15! So so so so so SOOOOOO excited! I'm just gonna jump right in here...

I've had fun playing with writing in this area, my home town on the Panhandle of Florida being where alot of the story takes place, as well as the next two in the series. (I was raised in Navarre Beach, FL, until Hurricane Ivan did a bit of a number on our home...hence the migration to Atlanta in my late teens.)

Cary and Heath have been hooking up for a little while now, fighting their mutual crushes. Heath, being the stand up guy he is, invited Cary and Gus to come out on his boat—er, yacht—with him after Cary'd said how much Gus would enjoy doing so. This is a moment from their day out together.

After they’d gone back to the boat, everyone donned life-vests again and they’d put out a blanket on the deck. Heath explained what each shell was to them, more to Gus than Cary, but Cary didn’t mind because with their attention being held by the shells he could watch the way they interacted. He also used the opportunity to steal several looks at Heath, who occasionally would glance up at him and smirk.

“Daddy! Look! Wow! Oh, wow!” Cary jumped at Gus’s exclamation. He’d nearly swallowed his tongue when his son ran to the rails and tried to climb on the side to look over. Heath was right on the boy, though, slipping his hand inside the collar of his life-vest to hold him firm. Cary let out a sigh of relief. When he stood to check what had Gus so excited, he could see dolphin fins sliding through the water about a hundred yards out. He’d seen dolphins about a hundred times since he’d moved to Florida but this was probably a first for Gus.

Cary was about to join them at the railing when he came up short. Heath had knelt down so he and Gus were on the same level and was pointing at the dolphins. They spoke quietly to one another, heads tilting first to one side then the other in unison as they watched the dolphins swimming and playing. Cary’s heart swelled in his chest. God, he needed to be careful. The sight of Heath and Gus together like that made him weak in the knees and that was dangerous.

Then they both turned to him with matching smiles. The air left his lungs as he took in their exuberance, the twin gleams in their eyes. Now he understood why Celine had told him to be careful. He’d just had a crush before, but now… now he realized how easily he could fall for Heath. And Lord did that realization suck.

He shook himself out of his thoughts and walked over to stand by them, watching the dolphins. But he couldn’t stand it anymore. Thankfully the sun was almost gone from the sky, leaving him watching the sunset with Heath, yet again, with its pink and orange hues. Damn, it’d been a good day.

“We should get going, huh?” Heath asked, hand landing on top of Cary’s where it rested on the rail. Cary looked at the weathered, work calloused hand.

“Yeah,” he said thickly. “Probably a good idea.”

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Keep Swimming by Kade Boehme
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