Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Note on 'Going Under'

The idea of this story came from someone else’s real life story of how they got even with a bully and the real consequences of that. In a day and age when bullying is so prevalent, not only at school, but on the internet, nowhere to get away from it, I feel the greatest thing we can teach our children is not an eye for an eye or don’t get mad, get even, but to LOVE one another, because in teaching the former, we’re teaching them to perpetuate bullying. The idea of growing up to become the CEO your bully has to bow down to is lovely, but then we remember every boss who was a complete tool to us, the big bullies we couldn’t escaped even as adults. Are those truly our values?
It seems simple, and perhaps that I’m preaching, but maybe we should teach that no matter the person, no matter how badly they treat you, your best response… Is love. Don’t turn the other cheek, do get help if you’re being harassed (and yes, I know, I’m still young enough that I don’t like being the dreaded snitch). But maybe showing kindness will wear them down, or you’ll remember when you’re adult and high school no longer matters, that you loved them, even when they were their most horrible to you. Isn’t it better to teach children, rather than getting even, getting revenge, sometimes another person’s conscience will do it for them.
Dads, get your kids self defense, but don’t make them think physical violence is the best way to strike back. Mom, remind your kids that one day they will be finished with college, and they may be a big shot CEO with many minions beneath them, but that their kindness will be measured there and that will count to people far more than what a tyrant they were to the former Frat-Boys. Brothers, Sisters, tell them to stand up for themselves, not to take it lying down, but remind them revenge will only feel satisfying for so long, but their actions, stooping down to the other’s level while not knowing the full story, may just haunt you the rest of your life.
So I say ‘more love.’ More respect for one another. Hug each other close and think of constructive ways to solve the problem of bullying, regardless of whether it’s based on sexuality, religion, body shape, the color of someone’s skin, or the fact that mom is single and they can’t afford to buy the nicest clothes because paying the rent is just that much more important. It starts at home, with you, and the messages we send each other and the next generation.
Going Under, Kyle’s story, is one when which he finds himself feeling guilty after getting revenge, mostly because he’s a decent person. I realize not every situation is the same, and Kyle’s is obviously built around the idea that sometimes revenge is not sweet. Don’t think this means I don’t believe sometimes a good dose of their own medicine isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered, but I thought I’d leave some food for thought. ( And sorry if this felt preachy. :/ Just sharing the inspiration.)

Happy reading,