Monday, December 29, 2014

Early Birthday Snippet and Giveaway!

Hey guys!
So my next novel, We Found Love, co-authored with my close friend Allison Cassatta, is releasing January 5th. (Omg so close!) [Click Here] to pre-order from Dreamspinner Press  or [Click Here] for Amazon.  I've been posting Snippet Sundays/Saturdays here on my blog in the preceding weeks to promo. Well, I got some early birthday presents (my birthday is January 6th, The big 2-7 this year.) which had me thinking "why not share this good mood with my badass readers/friends?" So I thought why not post another snippet, since this coming up Sunday's is the final one before release day. Then stay tuned after the Snippet for a giveaway that includes a signed paperback and copies of eBooks.

Hello, my name’s Hunter, and I’m an alcoholic,” he said clearly into the microphone on the podium he stood behind, facing a small crowd of fellow alcoholics, familiar and unfamiliar alike.
Hello, Hunter,” the group said in unison.
I’ve been sober for ten months.” He paused for the obligatory smattering of applause. His face scanned the crowd, noticing his sponsor, Gianna, giving him a thumbs-up from the back. “In the last months I’ve been hospitalized, jumped through the hoops to work on my recovery, lost a friend—well, friends.” He closed his eyes and felt a moment of grief for his friends.
I’ve completed rigorous therapy,” he continued, directing his attention back to the faces in the crowd. “I think the scariest part has been working to stay sober and make amends with people who didn’t deserve the crap I’ve passed around over the last six years.”
A deep breath. “Not long ago, someone said to me, ‘Live your life.’ That really resonated with me, because so many people I know didn’t live their lives. Some died too young.” Riley came to mind, blurrier at the edges than ever thanks to too much time having passed. Hunter couldn’t even remember the man’s voice, just the slightest memories of his laugh. “Some just can’t because of their circumstances. So I realized what a huge freakin’ blessing this chance was for me.
This isn’t a second chance. No way. More like my ninth life. I hate thinking it’s my last, but it feels that way sometimes. So I’m gonna keep going. Hopefully I’ll see them again, but I’m sure as hell gonna keep living, for myself and for them.” He stepped back from the podium, signaling the end of his sharing. The applause this round was a little more heartfelt than obligatory. Gianna stood up in the back, clapping her hands above her head for him but keeping it at a respectful volume.
He walked back to the seat Gianna had saved for him, getting a playful punch in the arm as he sat down. Her sparkling eyes beamed with pride. “Good job,” she whispered. He gave a single nod with a wink of appreciation. He wouldn’t pat himself on the back too much. It had definitely been a long, hard road. He’d even wandered into a bar after a particularly ugly disagreement with his brother two months earlier. But he hadn’t had more than a Diet Coke before heading back to his apartment to sift through his letters from Riley.

He kept each and every one, safely tucked away in a box under his bed. He’d read them all a hundred times. 

And that's it for the snippet. Now, on to the giveaway:

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Good luck! And I hope you enjoyed the snippet! See you this weekend for the final Snippet then it's release day!!


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