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Final 'We Found Love' Snippet

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This is it. The LAST Snippet Saturday/Sunday. We Found Love releases in 2 more sleeps! Monday, January 5th is sooo close. Of course I've been super excited up til now but now the nerves are starting to take over. I'm pleased with feedback so far and can't wait to see what everyone thinks of our boys' story. 

So without any more rambling... I give you the FINAL snippet.

At some point, Riley was going to stop driving the hour it took to get to Hunter’s shop just to sit in the car and stare at the building without going in. Today was not going to be that day.
He reached across the console, popped open the glove box, and tucked Hunter’s letters away. The first time he slammed the damn thing closed, it popped right back open. He fisted his fingers and popped it again. The second time, the latch caught, and life was good in the world of Korean engineering.
It took fifty-three minutes to get to the garage. God and Louisiana traffic was on his side today, like destiny or fate or someone that fairy-tale shit romantics believed in had lent a hand in getting him where he needed to be this time. He parked on the street, about twenty feet away from the driveway, under a huge tree with a thick canopy. The spot was nice and cool, and welcomed since the Kia had no freakin’ AC.
He sat back in his seat, hands in his lap, stare trained on the building. He’d already memorized almost every crack in the pavement. The blue was vibrant, fresh. It had been painted recently and complemented the vintage Morgan Brothers sign that had been hung in the last few weeks. So, it looked like Hunter had a stake in the business. Good for him. It was good to know he was making it in the big bad world. Why step in and possibly screw that up?
Give him more credit. Hunter’s stronger than you assume.
Pounding on the driver’s-side window startled Riley, nailing him right in the heart. The thump, thump, thumping in his chest sped, then slowed. The Grizzly-Adams-looking dude eyeballing him could’ve cleaned his clock. For. Sure.
Hesitantly, Riley rolled down the window. “Um. Hi. I….”
“Who the hell are you?”
“I… I’m….”
“You’ve been coming here for weeks, sitting out in this car, watching us. What’s your deal?”
Riley fish-mouthed. He wasn’t sure what to say, what kind of lie he could tell to get him out of this mess. He didn’t know much about Hunter’s brother but knew there had been problems in the past. Things were supposed be good now, but….
“Who. The hell. Are you?” As he bit the words out, the guy placed a strong hand on the door, gripping where the window had rolled into the door, leaning in closer to Riley. “This is a small town, and I’m here every day. It’s not hard to notice this… car sitting here when you do it as often as you do. Now what to do you want?”
“I was… I mean, Hunter is….” Coherent thought, dipshit. Riley’s internal chastising didn’t seem to be doing any good. In fact, the more he berated himself, the more idiotic he acted. He pointed a thumb at his own chest. “Me. Riley.” You. Tarzan.
The big guy’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline. “Okay,” Big Dude drawled. “You Riley. Me Travis.” Travis? As in Travis Morgan? Now that Riley looked at him, he did favor Hunter. Okay, maybe this guy was what Hunter would look like if you stuck an air pump up his ass and inflated him, but Riley could see it.
“So, You Riley, what are you doing out here?” Geez, did this guy have an expression other than hardass? “Did you need Hunter? You’re not a crazy ex or anything, are you?” That thought made Travis visibly uncomfortable.
“No,” Riley blurted, slamming a hand down on a bigass arm. When he realized what he’d done, he winced and jerked back. “No. I just wanted—”
The sight of Hunter stepping out of one of the open bays stole Riley’s voice and his train of thought. Damn, he looked good. He’d bulked up just a little, probably from turning wrenches all day. And he had a little extra weight to him—the good kind of weight, like he was healthy again. He looked healthy. Pecs all hard and rounded. His abs were defined, and fuck if that new tat on his ribs wasn’t lickable as hell. Riley pinched his lips together, swallowing hard.
Don’t focus on that. Hunter’s in a good place right now. Don’t go screwing around with that. He looks happy and….
Another guy stepped out of the bay, smiling and running his fingers through his wavy golden-blond hair. His skin was sun-kissed, and he had GQ written all over him. Then he leaned in and wrapped both arms around Hunter’s shoulders. Hunter returned the embrace, threading his arms around Blondie’s waist. Riley felt himself pale, very literally felt all the color and warmth rush from his face. His stomach knotted.
Hunter was happy.
“I should go.”

That's it guys! The end of the line. If you haven't pre-ordered you [Click Here] for Dreamspinner, [Click Here] for ARe, or [Click Here] for Amazon. All three will also be the buy links for those booksellers on release day. Don't forget to check out the past Snippet Saturday/Sundays if you haven't already.

In closing, I wanted to say thanks so very, very much for being here and being a part of not only the snippets leading up to the release, being excited with me, but also for being a part of my career. I'd clearly be nowhere without you guys but aside from that you all make this journey rewarding and completely worth the time I put into each story.


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