Saturday, May 9, 2015

'Chasing the Rainbow' Surprise Snippet Saturday #1

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Time to start giving you guys some Chasing the Rainbow  love since Jody and Bobby's story comes out super soon. We're just a couple weeks away! I set out to write a short, sweet book. I got a little carried away with Bobby being an idiot, but for me it's pretty sugary. Hope you guys don't mind me taking a cutesy break.

SO today I'm giving a surprise Snippet Saturday. It's from the beginning of the book. Jody Olsen had a very brief marriage to a girl he dated in college. VERY brief. Jody's ex, Angelina, was BFFs with the ex wife. Well, by a bit of kismet, Jody saw Bobby at a going away party for Angelina some 5 years later and our story kinda kicks off. This is the scene where Bobby's sought Jody out for the first time since their first re-encounter at the party. Jody's on break at a coffee/book store he works at. So ... here goes...

“They pay you to read the books or what?” Bobby teased. Jody’s heart fluttered in his chest, much to his chagrin.
            “Uh, hey.” Be cool. “What’re you doing here?” Of course, that was a dumb question. Bobby’s left hand held a Frappuccino, which was entirely incongruous with his tough guy looks. Of course, in response, Bobby shook said Frappuccino, smirking.
            “Right,” Jody said. “Like our fraps?”
            “They’re the best,” Bobby confirmed, suckling on his straw. Fuck, the way his adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, the way he licked the white drink left behind by the straw—Jody’s pants were suddenly not as comfortable as they’d been five seconds ago.
            “Uh. Awesome,” Jody squeaked. He wasn’t proud of how high his voice had just registered. Bobby’s gaze roamed Jody’s face, assessing same as the other day when he’d given Jody a ride to the subway station. Do not think about riding, don’t even think the word.
            Thankfully, Bobby didn’t comment. But his eyes did flicker when he noticed the cover of Jody’s book—the one with two very shirtless men. Jody knew he blushed then. But he wasn’t ashamed, he wasn’t going to hide something Bobby would already know. It was bound to be awkward for Bobby having his first true evidence of Jody’s gayness in his face. But Jody hadn’t looked back once since he’d come out, wouldn’t start today. Even if he’d hate to see disgust on that handsome face.
            “You like working here?” Bobby asked.
            Jody blinked, surprised by how easily Bobby went on with regular converstion. He felt kind of bad for having expected Bobby to be a jerk. “Yes. It’s not so bad. Much more laid back that working a corporate gig.”
            “I’ll bet.” Bobby’s expression grew wistful as he surveyed the store. “I’d love being surrounded by books all day.”
            Jody frowned, feeling like a jerk again for his assumption that wouldn’t be something Bobby G was into. They guy had said he liked books the other day, and if Jody was remember correctly, Bobby was the only of his brothers to have gone to college.
            Bobby laughed. “It’s okay, I get that a lot.”
            Jody blanched. “What? I didn’t— ”
            “You did, but it’s okay. I suppose dressed like this—” Bobby waved his hands up and down, indicating his dusty Penn State t-shirt and holey jeans. “—one doesn’t automatically assume I’m a scholar.”
            “No. It’s not that. I actually don’t even know you that well so it was rude.”
            “Ah, but we all judge books by their covers, right?”
            It was Jody’s turn to study Bobby carefully. He wasn’t entirely sure what Bobby meant. He’d spoken plainly, but that seemed to mean something more than he’d actually expressed, heavier.
            “I guess,” Jody said.
            Bobby smiled kindly, his eyes crinkling in the corner. Those brown eyes were full of good humor, displaying lines of a million smiles. Not many people made aging look quite as nice as Bobby Gugino was managing. Because he’s so much older than you.
            Bobby rose to standing, dropping a heavy pat on Jody’s shoulder, a showing of fondness Jody was surprised by. “I’ll get out of your hair. Just thought I’d say ‘hi’.” He winked, leaving Jody with the understanding he’d followed his instructions. How many people actually did stop by to say hi when you told them to?
            He wasn’t getting his hopes up, though. He knew Bobby and his girl had been together for a long time even back when he was with Izzy. Bobby was probably just being nice.
            Jody’s dick was annoyed with his dismissal of the option of Bobby as a prospect. He watched the guy’s wide shoulders, wishing he could run a hand over them, as Bobby walked away and out the front doors, into the crowd of pedestrians wandering hither and thither.
            He shook his head, feeling silly, and returned to reading his book. At least there, the straight guy turned out to be the Prince Charming the other man hoped for.

That's it! Yes, gay romance has a kind of a minor role in the story. It's one of Jody's pastimes. ;)

I'll have the official blurb up soon. [UPDATE: blurb has been added to the GoodReads page, linked below] Stay tuned for more snippets and giveaways!

Until next time.

 Chasing the Rainbow
Coming May 25