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Confessions of a Wild Heart snippet...Er...Wednesday

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So I had more Snippet Sundays than Sundays to actually post them so I figured... Why not. We're just a few weeks out from the August 7th release of Confessions of a Wild Heart. #AseAndJase And I'm SOOOO excited. So I thought I'd kick off the snippet promos. Before I get to that, a HUGE thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for the ARCs. I'll be e-mailing those out to the winners this Friday (7/17/2015).

Here goes.

In the following snippet, still in Part I ([CLICK HERE] to see the first chapter & get more info on Ase & Jase) Ase & Jase have met up in Munich after a little harmless stalking by Ase.


He looked up at Ase who’d placed a hand on his on the tabletop after they’d taken a seat. “Thanks for coming out, tonight,” Ase said. “I avoid my cousins, and the people in my photography class are a little… too European, for lack of a better explanation. It’s been a lonely six months. This is nice.” His smile made little butterflies burst in Jase’s chest. Damn, what was this chemistry?
“Thanks for stalking me into submission.”
“Hey!” Ase reached across the table and gave Jase a playful shove.
Jase laughed and picked up a menu from the rack at the edge of the table, happy to see one side was in English. A waiter in short-shorts and a crop top came over, speaking heavily accented English as he took their order for burgers and beer.
“You’re so white.”
“I can’t help you keep bringing me to all the Anglicized joints,” Jase said, with a sniff.
“It’s cute,” Ase said. His cocky grin was enough to set Jase’s cock into overdrive. Damn, he wanted this weird, sexy man so bad.
The waiter returned with their beer and told them it’d be a moment for their food. Jase enjoyed their contented silence as they sipped their pints and looked at the people dancing on the tiny dance floor in the back room of the bar.
“We could dance if you want,” Jase said, using his mug to point toward the dance floor.
Ase looked over his shoulder then back at Jase. “Up to you. I think this is fine but if you want to do something else, we can.”
“No. No I’m okay with this,” Jase said.
“When do you leave?” Ase asked.
The thought of going back to his normal life seemed foreign, like bursting a happy bubble. “I fly out early Monday morning. Have to report back to duty that night.”
“Where are you stationed now?”
Jase really didn’t want to think about it but he answered anyway. “Qandahar.” Ase winced, and Jase really didn’t want to think about it, so he changed the subject. “So, what’s with the leather?”
“Oh,” he chuckled. “It was easier to find parking with my motorcycle.”
“You ride?” Jase asked, surprised. Though looking at Ase, he totally seemed the type.
“No. It’s just for decoration.”
“Later,” Ase said, with a smirk and a wink.
“I’ll hold you to that.” He was enjoying this flirting, not worrying about letting his curious side free. Though, he was probably going to have to admit, sooner or later, that it was more than passing curiosity since this was not his first time at the penis rodeo.
Their food came out soon and they made small talk as they finished up. It was stress-free, talking about Jase’s hometown and plans for when he got out of the Army. Jase had such a nice time, not thinking on anything but good food and great company. Take each day as it comes. Each experience as it comes.
“So.” Ase leaned in, smirking. Jase huffed a laugh and leaned in too.
“I’d offer to take you back to my place, but it’d probably be rude since it’s not technically my house. Aside from that, my family isn’t exactly cool with the gay thing.”
“Ah, so you’re still in the closet?”
“To the family… Yes, for now. Trying to get through school first, not living with family anymore.”
“I can definitely understand that.” And how. Jase couldn’t imagine there ever being a time his parents would magically be okay, even if he still liked girls. They’d hear the; “I like guys, too,” part and he’d be as good as dead to them.
“So,” Ase said, with a flirty smirk. “Would you care to show me your hotel room?”
Jase pretended to think about it, which earned him a swat from Ase. “Say yes, Jase.”
“Yes, Jase.”
“Good enough,” Ase crowed, slapping down euros on the table and pulling a laughing Jase out of the bar by his hand.

And that's it for this one! I'll be back with more this Sunday! Hope you enjoyed!


Confessions of a Wild Heart
Kade Boehme
Coming August 7th

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