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Confessions Of a Wild Heart: Snippet Sunday #2 [Some NSFW Language]

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Closer and closer to the release of Confessions Of a Wild Heart. [Click Here] to add it on GoodReads. Time for—technically—the first Snippet Sunday. But it's really the second snippet since I had more planned than I had Sundays haha so you can [Click Here] to see the first snippet. And [Click Here] if you want to read the first official excerpt.

This week's snippet we're into Part II, after they've been reunited. Ase had been raising hell, as usual. After a bad run-in our guys had a pretty shitty night and Jase was called out to give Ase a ride home, which Ase was less than grateful to accept.

Jase kept his eyes on the road as he pulled out of the parking lot and started easing his way down the streets. There’d be at least twenty minutes between there and where they were if he took back roads. Did he just sit silently? They’d obviously sent him for a reason, but… what could he do for Ase? The man wasn’t exactly receptive to his presence.

“Any idea why your boyfriend called me to come out?” He tried to keep his tone from being snide—or jealous—when he said the word boyfriend.

Ase grunted. “Because my friend is a meddlesome little puto.”

Jase smiled despite himself. “I’m sure he’ll be glad to hear it.” The silence stretched a bit as he turned on what they called the old highway around town, because it’d once been the main artery before the interstate had come on the east side of town.

“Why’d you go this way?”

“Because there’s no traffic lights.”

“It’s also creepy as fuck.”

“Are you going to fight with me about everything?”

“Are you a closet-case?” Ase’s tone was anything but friendly, so Jase assumed he’d intended that to be a rhetorical question. But it made Jase fucking angry. How fucking dare this man? He had no clue what Jase had been through over the last few years. He didn’t realize what being in this fucking town was like for him. He thought he’d finally gotten away from it all, the recriminations and the insecurities, and here he was pulled back by the ghosts.

Jase waited ‘til he saw a gravel patch on the shoulder of the road and pulled off, angling his truck toward the woods. Ase’s surprised “What the fuck?” made some childish part of Jase exceptionally pleased with himself.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Jase snapped.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You can stop with the digs about me being a closet-case. They’re beneath you. And this weird, fucked-up show you’re putting on to prove how angry you are with me is bullshit, so you can stop that right the fuck now, too.” The words hit Ase. because his eyes bored into Jase’s, chest heaving as he breathed, but losing whatever fight had been left in him. Jase hadn’t realized until he spat the words out, that’s exactly what it’d been. Ase had been all bluster and fight, but it’d been a show. Wasn’t hard to figure that out with all the walls Ase had put up around himself. But he couldn’t fool Jase. Jase remembered that spark that’d been in his eyes years ago, the one tamped down, but still trying to twinkle to life when they looked at each other.

“I never got a goodbye. I never got a fuck you. Then you show up here, surprise the hell out of me, and spend a week being a shit.”

“What do you want from me, Jase?”

Jase frowned. “I don’t know what you mean.” Ase flicked his gaze down to Jase’s crotch. Jase hadn’t even realized he was hard. He swallowed thickly and looked up to see Ase’s face wearing that old, familiar, and sorely missed dirty smirk. “Fuck,” Jase said, under his breath.

Ase slid up the armrest and leaned over the bench seat into Jase’s space. Before Jase could really think, Ase’s hand was on his jeans-clad cock, stroking.

“Fuck, Ase, this…”

“Feels good, right? You want some closure? You want a goodbye? That’s what you want?” Jase wanted to say no, to push Ase off, but he was trapped in those fucking onyx-black eyes and even though the scent of vodka was strong around Ase, it didn’t cover up his natural cloves and musk scent. Ase’s lips attached to Jase’s neck.

Si, I think that’s what he wants,” Ase rumbled, as Jase moaned. “My little gringo didn’t get enough taste of his brown boy?” Ase started stroking Jase. “You said it all the time in your e-mails. You missed my body. The way I touched you.” Ase unbuttoned Jase’s pants. He had a brief moment of thinking that they shouldn’t do this here. But they wouldn’t be the only ones parking on this lonely stretch of highway for the same reason.

“We shouldn’t,” Jase said.

“Aw. Forgot what it was like to be with a man? Afraid you still like it too much?”

Jase snarled, shoving Ase back. “You’re a fucker.” Ase’s cocky smirk died, morphing into a sneer.

“What? You said you didn’t get a goodbye?”

Jase wanted to pull his fucking hair out. Fuck. “Ase, what the fuck?” But he noticed Ase was just as hard as he was.

Ase’s eyes were stunned when Jase reached for his pants. “I’ve been with plenty of men since you.” Jase felt a certain pleasure in the stricken look the flitted across Ase’s features when he said the words, but also a little sad they’d come to this.

“Sure, you can give me fucking closure. Seems like you need it, too,” Jase said, pulling Ase’s proud, thick cock from the confines of Ase’s skinny jeans, stroking it firmly. He looked at Ase’s mouth hanging open and couldn’t stop himself from kissing the man as he stroked him off.

Ase tried to pull out of the kiss but Jase said brokenly, “No. You don’t get to act like I’m just any other fuck. If this is it, you’re with me.”

God, as dramatic as they were being, you’d think they’d actually dated those months rather than just exchanging silly, crushing-teenager e-mails.

“I was lost those last few months in the military, scared shitless I’d die, or maybe scared that I wouldn’t; that I’d get home and it’d be as shitty as I thought it would.” Jase spit on his hand and continued stroking Ase, who was watching him warily but with lust-clouded eyes. “Then I got home and the only sane thing I had, the only thing I looked forward to was hearing from you, because my parents were so upset with me over everything and anything.”


“Then you stopped. You just stopped. And I know it was just a fuck, thousands of miles and a world away, but fuck…” Jase kept stroking Ase, nipping his chin, his jaw, his ear. Ase started bucking into the hand job.

Ase stilled Jase’s hand and made him look him in the eye. “Jase, you shouldn’t want me.”
            Jase snatched his face from Ase’s grip. “Why does it matter if this is goodbye anyway?”


Hope you guys enjoy. We're almost there. Stay tuned for more snippets, and another giveaway soon. Oh, and don't forget to take a look at the first ARC review from Lili over at Jessewave. You can see that if you [Click Here].

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Teaser by Meredith King

Confessions Of a Wild Heart
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