Friday, October 16, 2015

Borrowing Trouble: Release Day Note & Links

So, it's been a long road. Two years ago, after my writer pride took a deep wound by a drive-by-reviewing (Yes. I know, I know... I’ve learned much since then, haha.) in which some said “I just don’t think Kade is capable of writing older characters authentically”, I set out to prove them wrong. I plotted this book, wrote a couple chapters, got a cover, filled myself with righteous indignation.

Ah, hubris.

Wanna talk about humbling? I reread the few chapters I wrote and thought “Motherfucker… I CAN’T write them right.” So I put away the outline, never to write a character over 25 without a co-writer again. It was all very dramatic haha.

But, a while back the muse was drunk as hell and wouldn’t settle on the project I WANTED to write. She wanted something more slice-of-life, something with more solemn, quiet characters. Well, we picked through my Drive because I was just out done with her. But I stumbled on Borrowing Trouble. And I was amazed at how easy it was to write this time.

Granted, I’m not saying I grew up or I’m suddenly a massively improved writer. Hell, they may sound like angsting teens again, for all I know. But I’m very proud of how far Jay and Landon came with some time spent away from them. Maybe it was life, maybe it was getting the early-20s angst out of my system (though, are we ever really done with that?). Also, though, came this understanding I didn’t have back then for men like the ones I grew up with who, even though they were gay, refused to give up their home and their roots. I was born with wanderlust and couldn’t imagine staying where I was. But then I found home for the first time… And I thought WOW. So maybe it was some of that too.

Either way. Jay and Landon are quiet souls; steady southern men just looking for a little peace and growing in ways one of them never expected. And I’m terribly proud of them for letting me do this with them because I feel like I know them, like they’re waiting for me with a beer and conversation when I go back to visit where I came from. I hope you all enjoy.

So, for those who didn’t make it to GRL this week, SURPRISE. Some reading for your weekend. For those at GRL, some reading for the plane ride home. Borrowing Trouble is now available! Only $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited. [Click Here to Buy]

AND DON'T FORGET! There's still two days to submit your random video of yourself to win a trip to hang out with me and tons of other authors at Rainbow Book Fair here in NYC in April 2016. For more info [Click Here] and/or [Here].

Happy Reading & SOOO Much Love,

Borrowing Trouble
by Kade Boehme
Now Available!

After an amicable divorce, Jay Hill decided to move back to his rural hometown with his teenage kids. Being on good terms with his ex-wife and in laws has made the transition into single life pretty smooth. Things were good and uncomplicated. Then Landon Petty walked into his life.

Landon didn’t expect to still be stuck in his hometown working at his dad’s sawmill at this point in his life. Being an openly gay truck driver was as awkward in practice as in description. When Jay came to take over managerial duties at his dad’s business, Landon was surprised to find a friend. When Jay turns out not to be as straight as he thought, things get complicated.

When feelings for Landon shine a light on how much Jay’s life has been actually half lived, he’s forced to decide if he’ll jump in with both feet or if he’ll let Landon slip through his fingers.
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