Monday, October 5, 2015

Kaderade & Diverse Reader Giveaway Extravaganza Update/FAQ

SOOOOO... Got a couple things going on today, it seems. Haha. I TOLD you guys I'd kinda lost my mind when I came up with this one. *shrugs* haha. ANYWHO. So yes. The cover reveal for Borrowing Trouble is upon us! It comes out Oct 20th, and I'm so excited. The fabulous Elizabeth Mackey did SUCH a beautiful cover. HERE IT IS!

 Go to Diverse Reader for an exclusive excerpt (aka Chapter 1 haha) [CLICK HERE]

There you can also see that lovely sickly video of me tell you about the big NYC trip giveaway. (you should really go watch it)

Then there's the giveaway. For those confused, aside from the Rafflecopter, which has your print books and stuff (at the above Diverse Reader blog link) there's a HUGE grand prize: I'm flying someone (from continental U.S.) out to NYC for the weekend of Rainbow Book Fair in April 2016. Good lord, I have to throw a huge shout out to Meredith King​ who helped me keep all those wild kittens herded. Seriously, I'm so excited for that grand prize. To answer a couple of questions: A ) I won't share the winner's video at any point—for my eyes only unless specified otherwise, B ) Rainbow Bookfair Weekend is Friday April 8 - Sunday April 10 (so I'm open to your flying in Thurs afternoon and staying til Sunday. I know those two days would fly by but I was trying to be conscientious of day jobs, etc), and C ) the entries are open from today thru sunday the 18th, unlike the Rafflecopter which ends the 15th, so ARCs can go out...well, in advance.

And finally, the "what are you thinking?!" Well, I'm thinking I am all the time offering to fly friends out for events (plays, concerts, etc) and you guys... you're friends and my support group and my cheer leaders and my M/M family; my romancelandia dream team. I'd do it for all of you if I could, so this is the least I feel I can do.

So don't sweat it, you have time and me and the person helping choose the winner will be the only ones viewing your videos so do your thing! Because dude, you get a flight, 3 day, 2 (can discuss 3rd) night NYC stay at a Times Square/Midtown Manhattan hotel, Drag show Dinner & Fireball Friday with me (and may be joined by other authors), you'll get RBF with ALL those fabulous LGBT authors/comic book artists and we usually have a great M/M showing, swag from me and Felice Stevens​ (the SWAG QUEEN, yall) and the Boozy Brunch Crew and SO many author friends who want to pitch in, AND DUDE, you'll be in NYC. All you gotta bring is your spending $$ and an extra bag (or 3) for all your swag and purchases (I mean, it's NYC). Saturday after RBF there's always a group of us who hit the clubs etc (of course we always hit my regular spot stonewall, so drunk AND culter..sure :) ), but like I said... technically you can show up, collect your swag, get your free Drag Dinner & Fireball on Friday night, then tell me to get lost and spend the whole weekend doing your own thing. It's your gay ole NYC extravaganza.

SO. GO ENTER! And don't forget to mark OCTOBER 20TH for Borrowing Trouble's release day! <3

[add Borrowing Trouble on GoodReads: CLICK HERE]

[Original Giveaway Post / Cover Reveal / Excerpt at Diverse Reader: CLICK HERE]

[Rainbow Book Fair Info: CLICK HERE]

[Drag Show Dinner & Fireball Friday Locale Info: CLICK HERE] (careful the sound on this one, the into is LOUD)

Wow. Okay. Hope that covered everything. So yeah. Just a WEE bit happening today haha. Stay tuned here for Snippet Sundays, Word Wednesdays, and more giveaways! <3

GOOD LUCK! And happy reading!

*Disclaimer: Must be 21+ to enter (because...c''re with Princess so you WILL be IDed), and from Continental U.S. or able to get from Canada to Continental U.S. airport. Not affiliated with Lips NYC and only an exhibitor at Rainbow Book Fair so this is a personal expense for Kade. Neither Kade nor RBF are liable for mishaps. Also, Kade nor fellow party-goers that weekend assume liability for anything that our shenanigans get you into.

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