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Borrowing Trouble: Snippet Saturday, Paperback Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Heya guys! WOW sooo much going on this month. And this is another ALL THE THINGS kinda post too, haha. Got the paperback cover reveal AND the first Snippet Saturday! So I'll just jump right in.

First, the FABULOUS Elizabeth Mackey hooked up this cover so TODAY I'm revealing the paperback cover for you guys <3. I'm so very excited.

Gah she nailed this cover. It makes me SOOO happy.

Next order of business. The giveaway I'm doing with Diverse Reader Blog is nuts and it's going SO well, so if you haven't heard about it or haven't gotten your video in, make sure you do! You've got until October 18th, winner being announced on Borrowing Trouble's release day (October 20th).

Okay, so now. Starting Snippet Saturdays (which we know sometimes will be Snippet Sundays. I was just eager for this first one! (This is unedited, as my editor Heidi is still powering away on edits so I used this from the 1st draft) This one's a little longer than the others will be.

First, I'll say, you're probably gathering that this story is VERY southern. I definitely went hard on the small town thing, based near where my family lives actually. In this scene, Jay and Landon have been hanging out a few weeks, watching football, just kicking it. Jay only recently discovered Landon might be gay and it's got his brain clicking and turning in disconcerting ways. When Landon stops by and offers to help with some yard work, things get even more... hot. And it ain't just the southern weather.

JAY changed into his work boots and a ratty old Budweiser t-shirt. He’d only just pulled the push mower out and slid on his cowhide gloves when a familiar F-250 trundled up his gravel driveway.
            His first instinct was to tense up, but the smile that stole across his face betrayed him. His subconscious was really starting to piss him off.
            And scare the shit out of him.
            “Yo!” Landon shouted in greeting as he hopped down from his lifted truck.
            “You know those lift-kits make you look shorter, right,” Jay teased, trying to get out of his head. Which turned out to be a mistake because his mouth ran away with him. “Overcompensating for something?” Don’t joke about the man’s dick size!
Landon just laughed at that. Of course he did. His head tossed back, face beaming with amusement. “Old man’s got jokes.” Landon walked over to Jay and pulled off his ball cap. “How’s it going?”
“It’s going. Kids just left. Thought I’d do some work around the place.”
“You’re nicer than my old man. He saved all the chores for when I was home.”
Jay let out a hmph. “My kids are better than most, I won’t lie. But we spoiled ‘em, raising them in town like we did. If I want house work done right, I’m better off doing it myself.”
“Kids today,” Landon said, shaking his head in mock shame. “Who’d’ve thought you’d be a soft-touch dad?”
Jay scoffed. “I’m no such thing.”
“Whatever you say.” Landon surprised Jay by pulling a pair of old cowhide gloves out of his back pocket. “Saw you were working so I grabbed these. Mostly came over to check you were still coming tomorrow night. But if you want a hand around the place I don’t mind.”
Damn Landon Petty. Damn him to hell, because right as Jay tossed all the strange shit in his mind around, as he tried to keep himself from thinking on things that confused him so much, Landon had to just… Be Landon. A good man, a good friend, who no-questions-asked was willing to pitch in just because Jay was his friend, and he knew Jay was doing it alone. Even after Jay had been squirrelly around him the last couple of days. And that undefinable feeling settled in Jay’s gut again, making him smile, but tremble a bit because maybe… Just maybe the feeling was slowly and inexplicably becoming more defined.
“I’m sure you got better things to do with your Friday afternoon.”
Landon cocked his head, still with that friendly smile, and shrugged. “Not really. What better way than to help out a neighbor?”
“You live ten miles away.”
“Well, you’re my parents’ neighbor.” True enough, Landon’s parents were the next house down the way, about three ponds, a couple pastures and two miles.
“In the loosest sense of the word.”
“Fine. Helping out a friend.” Landon’s words held a weight to them that surprised Jay. He also felt a warmth he wasn’t entirely comfortable with. He remembered all too well what having a crush on Bethany had felt like; the newness and the need at fifteen had been overwhelming. This feeling wasn’t quite that, but he wasn’t a hormonal kid. And this started in his chest, not his dick.
And what. The. Hell.
He realized Landon’s brows had risen and he’d begun shifting uncomfortably. And he couldn’t tell the man to fuck off. He didn’t want Landon to leave.
He also didn’t want Landon in his face, right then, either. “Uh, yeah. Yes. Sure. Thanks.” He motioned with his hand for Landon to follow him. “I appreciate it.” He only half meant it.
He led Landon into his detached, tin-sided carport and dug out the weed-eater. “The oil-gas mix for this is in that orange can over there. If you don’t mind getting around the flower beds.”
“That’s what you call those dirt piles?”
“Look now,” Jay said, laughing as he handed over the weed-eater. “I had other stuff to get around to before I could do anything with the beds.” Truthfully, he didn’t know the first thing about annuals and what-not.
“Shame. Some gladiolas would look nice over there.”
Jay smirked at Landon who scowled. “Mama made me help her in the beds every year.” The defensiveness in his tone made Jay drop that line of teasing. It also brought up stereotypes to things his fragile hold on the moment couldn’t even handle.
“Well, if you don’t mind doing that,” he continued like they’d not made that detour in conversation, “I’ll do the lawn. It usually takes me about two hours.” His yard wasn’t too large, dwarfed by some of the neighbors’, but still took time with his finicky old push mower.
“Alright. I’ll get on it.” And they did. Jay’s mind was blissfully quiet as he handled his task. The repetitive motions of walking in circles with the rattling mower calmed him. He’d always enjoyed working in the yard. Just being outside gave him a sense of peace, and nothing beat that smell of fresh cut grass.
At some point, while dodging an old ant bed, he happened to glance over, noticing Landon. Damn the man to hell. Landon had lost his shirt at some point. The plaid button down draped over the railing on the front porch as Landon moved the weed-eater over the side of one of the large flower beds that flanked each side of the front porch.
Jay almost tripped right there. He wasn’t entirely sure whether he’d tripped over the mower, the ant bed, or his traitorous tongue. Landon’s smooth, powerful back flexed with his movements, sweat rolling down from his blond hair, over his neck and down toward the rise over his ass.
Jay blinked, unsure when a man’s ass had become something he couldn’t look away from but there it was, two firm, round buns barely contained in Landon’s threadbare 501s. When Landon moved just so, you could see his broad shoulders and rounded biceps bunch, showing off their power, their strength. And Jay could see in his mind’s eye his own body wrapping around Landon’s from behind, rubbing his cock against that firm ass, running his fingers over those shoulders. A trembling breath left his body as his body suddenly yearned to feel another person’s skin against his own.
He’d never yearned like that before. And it almost made him weep with loneliness.
The lawn mower shutting off snapped his attention back to reality and his nerves roiled so hard he felt like he could vomit, suddenly. Landon turned his way, and his marble smooth, hairless torso gleamed with sweat in the afternoon sun. His muscled chest and smooth stomach were something you’d expect to see in a magazine, a level of physical perfection Jay had never once possessed. He wasn’t anything to throw rocks at, not paunchy or anything, but he was softer around the middle like anyone in their late thirties who didn’t have time to live in a gym. His own torso was also hairy, nothing like the near baby-smoothness of Landon’s.
The only imperfection was one dark brown mole just below Landon’s left nipple. And nipples… Now Jay couldn’t stop looking at Landon’s large round nipples that were a pretty shade of pink. Perfect for sucking on.
He swallowed thickly as Landon titled his head.
“You okay?”
No. No fucking way. I’m losing my damn mind. Jay had to swallow again to get words out, wondering why in the hell he was hard for a man, why he wanted to bad to wrap his arms around a man.
“Yeah. I’m fine,” Jay croaked. “Think I need a break.”
It had to just be residual effects of seeing his ex and having not gotten laid in so damn long. Right? He wasn’t a teenager by any means, but men had needs and eventually they started making a man act a fool.
“Want me to go grab a beer?” Landon asked. Jay, grateful for a moment to get his shit together, sent Landon off to do just that.
He made his way to one of the rocking chairs on his front porch, trying to get his racing heart under control, but failed because again, he felt a strange warmth from Landon feeling at home in his house, Landon being so… Domestic.
“Here you go,” Landon said, passing Jay a beer. Jay took it and chugged, happy not to have to talk for a minute.
“Damn, it’s hot for November,” Landon complained.
            You have no idea

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