Sunday, March 13, 2016

Simple Things Snippet Sunday #1

Hey all!

Back for a Snippet Sunday as we close in on the release of my first NEW title of 2016, Simple Things (Friday, 25th of March!). I'm so excited!

Congrats again to all the winners of the ARC giveaway. I still can't believe how many entries we had. Gosh.

Anywho. On with the snippet. This is after Jeremy & Carter have gotten around their initial awkward reunion and are back to being friendly... With perks and such.

(Ticket is a prop. Rights to Austin, TX graphic paid for. © 2016 Kade Boehme.)

Carter looked over some of the framed things Jeremy had on his shelves. He was surprised, since Jeremy had his own home in Austin, to find that he had so many recent photos up. There was even a framed printed out screen shot of when District & Wild’s one song had gone to number 1 on an iTunes chart.
He smiled to himself when he noticed a photo of Jeremy, Sarah, and himself at a horse show when Carter was sixteen. He was a little surprised at how warmly then eighteen year old Jeremy was looking at him. It almost looked like a crush, but he dared not think it. He’d have noticed that, surely.
In the front of the frame, though, was also a single ticket for the show in Brooklyn Carter had been at. He tilted his head.
“I saw you.”
Carter jumped and turned to find Jeremy right behind him. “How do you do that?” Bastard had always been too damned quiet.
“Sneak out as often as I did and you develop some mad ninja skills,” Jeremy said, chuckling. He plucked the frame from Carter’s hands. “I saw you in the crowd and tried to come say hello. You’d gone, though.”
“Sorry,” Carter apologized. “I didn’t know what to say after…”
“After me being a huge dickhead? That’s one reason I was so surprised to see you at the show. It, uh, felt like I’d really made it for the first time, seeing you there, knowing you listened to my music at a bar in New York fucking City.”
“Sorry I didn’t stick around.”
Jeremy shrugged, but Carter could tell he was embarrassed by the conversation. Okay, maybe they were getting a little heavy. Carter didn’t miss that Jeremy’s tan cheeks pinked a little.
He also didn’t miss the fact that Jeremy’s bare chest was covered in gooseflesh, his nipples nicely pebbled. His cock gave a small show of excitement, but that was about all it had for now.
“I liked that one song. I have the whole album, but I’m lame like everyone else and only really know the one.”
Jeremy feigned a wounded heart. “You didn’t listen to my angsty melodies and swoon for me?”
Carter stilled. Was the guy just stoned or did he mean that? “Was I supposed to?”
Again, Jeremy’s cheeks had a slight pinking to them, which was wholly unlike him.
“Actually, most of my angsting has been for Troy. But I just had my hand on your dick, so we probably shouldn’t talk about this.”
Carter didn’t disagree. He did want to know more eventually, though why it mattered, he didn’t know. For now, he definitely didn’t want to talk about Jeremy’s old hook ups. He was still smarting a bit from Jeremy spending his morning with one.
“So, what’s it to be? More Downton? Upstairs, Downstairs?”
“Oh, Jem, you sure know how to woo a girl.”

“I got everything you need, Red.” Jeremy gave Carter a wink and squatted down to turn on his gaming console that doubled as his Blu Ray player.

Alright! That's all for this week! WE'RE ALMOST THERE!


Simple Things
by Kade Boehme
Coming March 25th!
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