Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh Politics.

I am, unapologetically, a true blue politics junkie. I'm guilty of Nerdy in the First Degree. (I rest my case.) I have a degree in Political Science with a minor in International Relations, working on a MA in Public Admin & Policy so I have devoted my life to not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. I never wish to be a politician (I'm much too wild and have quite too many tattoos) but I do the footwork whenever I am truly involved in or support something, not just socially but fiscally as well. However, I try to keep that out of my writing and and separate from my work because I know readers get enough of the BS in their day to day life without us writers getting all in their Kool-Aid when it comes to politics and their personal beliefs. But one of my heroes passed away this weekend and as I was just sitting around bawling my eyes out I couldn't imagine how I could be less productive than just sitting around being silent when I have a platform, no matter how small it may be.

I have been a strong advocate for LGBTQI rights since I was old enough to understand what Equality really is. (I always capitalize Equality. Get over it Grammar Nazis.) Not just Equality for LGBTQI, but for everyone. Women (any gay man not standing up for women is an idiot. They've raised us, supported us and been our beards for way too long not to get as much love as we can give 'em.), immigrants, etc. Unfortunately, us gays don't get alot of support from the people we are known to support, but since we aren't very supportive of one another (wags finger at haters. My T-boys and T-girls deserve way more love than y'all give em, and I don't mean tips at drag shows, douche bags) it's hard to blame the jerks out there. We are like the U.S. Republican Party: a bunch of crazies with a different opinion as to whom is included. Ugh, but I digress.

My whole point here is to talk about what this whole ranting, non-sensical post is about. The "Defense of Marriage Act" *scoffs*. Not exactly sure what they're defending, but we'll just keep calling it DOMA cuz as silly as the word DOMA may be it is less silly than calling such a ludicrous law the "Defense of Marriage Act". *scoffs again*

I stood in the lines in D.C., I passed out coffee and I talked to senators all morning along with other activists they day that the vote finally happened on the repeal of the policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". This was a truly important issue for me because I have many friends, family, and family in the armed services. I won't start ranting on the stupidity of our having a policy that out-dated for as long as we had it (you know we were one of the last countries to allow out service members? Like, the only other ones were, like, Iraq and Afghanistan... SERIOUSLY?! Somebody needs to smack these Evangelicals around.)

Well, thanks to alot of important people, DADT was smacked down, as it should have been long ago.


DOMA *says in mocking voice ... with jazz hands*

You see, there's this law in the books that says no federal agency shall recognize any marriage that is not between man and woman....... but marriage is to be decided by the states. Like, each state has the right to decide whom can marry whom. (That's right Alabama, we all know it's legal there to marry your 1st cousin. {reall... not shittin' you!} Stop balking!) That's always the go-to line for GOP lawmakers (Marriage is a state issue. Let the voters decide.) whenever questioned on DOMA these days because they know, based on popularity, DOMA would probably have been stricken 5 years ago. If it's a case of STATE rights... WTF is if doing in FEDERAL law books? That doesn't seem like a strange question.....

The President decided to stop defending DOMA because it is an OUT-DATED policy! But SOH John "Crybaby" Boehner decided to push forward, using MILLIONS of tax payer dollars, defending this policy all the way to the supreme court where they're trying to beat this sweet little old lady, Edie Windsor, and LBGTQI members of our ARMED SERVICES, who give their lives and spend time away from their families to protect our country, out of their benefits as legally married, tax paying citizens of these United States of America. (how's that for fiscal responsibility.

Now some of my biggest heroes (Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, Petty Officer Joseph Rocha, and the inspiration for this rant/post Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan) fought their asses off for this country. Does that mean anything for their significant others? Not legally, when it comes to benefits. DOMA says no! What a douche. Same-sex military spouses can't shop in commissary, use military housing, get benefits for themselves or their children, get the phone call if their spouse is injured... they can't even get the flag that's given to spouses at the funeral unless next of kin passes it to them. (I know Panetta just changed some of this, but there's enough that isn't made right until DOMA is repealed that it ALL chaps my ass)

This has got to end. I don't know if any of you read my blog. I don't know if any of you even like my writing. I KNOW this post wast random and raving, but I hope hope HOPE that someone will at least pay attention when I beg... do something. Put your money where your mouth is, call your senators, retweet HRC's DOMA posts... do SOMETHING. Your voice is important in American politics, no matter how defeated you may feel in it all or how jaded you've become with our leaders.

Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan, one bad-ass lady and one of my biggest heroes) spent every day up until her dying day fighting for Marriage Equality and the repeal of DOMA. Her wife and daughter are now left without her and, adding insult to injury without any survivor benefits. This is ridiculous. It is unconscionable and in 2013 it is sickening. I'm going to let Rachel Maddow take it from here because I'm way too emotional and feel I'm making absolutely no sense.

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DO SOMETHING! You have a voice, man.


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