Saturday, February 15, 2014

A little news & Seven Sentence Sunday: Full of Surprises

Heya guys! Back with another Seven Sentence Sunday from Trouble & the Wallflower, releasing 2/28 at Dreamspinner Press. (available for pre-order now in eBook and print). Super stoked. We're almost there! Can't wait for y'all to get your hands on this book! It's got a special place in my heart. :)

So let's get right to the SSS. This week I'm taking you to a rainy Seattle summer afternoon in which Gavin is working on some homework at Davy's workplace (an old school ice cream and soda shop in the Market at Pike's Place) while Davy does his closing duties. Suddenly a song comes on the radio.

After washing the shake tins, Davy came around the counter with the broom to sweep under the tables.
“Hey!” Gavin yelled,excitedly, startling him. Davy turned wide-eyed to him.
“What the hell?”
“I love this song.” Gavin pointed at the speaker hanging in the corner. Davy so often tuned out the oldies station that he hadn’t noticed what was playing.
You like Aretha Franklin?” Davy looked at him incredulously. Usually in Gavin’s truck he played rap or indie rock bands that Davy had never heard of.
Gavin grabbed the broom from Davy and threw it in a corner, then pulled Davy by the hand to the middle of the room. “What can I say? I’m full of surprises.”

  That's it for this week guys! More coming soon! And only 2 weeks to go! Yayyyy!

 And before I go -- to catch myself and everyone else up on KB book news -- I thought I'd just do one quick post with dates now that these ones are set in stone.

1. Trouble & the Wallflower available 2/28 at Dreamspinner Press

2. Where the World Ends available 3/11 at Loose Id

3. Wood, Screws, & Nails with Piper Vaughn, available 4/23 at Dreamspinner Press

Whew. Busy spring for Kaderade. Should be revealing covers, blurbs and announcing blog stops etc as we approach release dates. Stoked! 


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