Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trouble & The Wallflower: Seven Sentence Sunday #2

Hey all! Another 7 Sentence Sunday here to get y'all amped up for Trouble & the Wallflower, which is releasing in print and eBook on Feb. 28! *FLAILS* It's currently available for pre-order.

So in this snippet, Gavin and Davy are eating at Dick's, winding down after a night out with the guys. We're still pre-relationship. Gavin is trying to get to know our shy Davy but Davy's general lack of social skills has him a little embarrassed. After Davy gets bummed talking about the death of his mother, Gavin steers him back to talking about himself.

“So what do you do? Sit in your apartment by yourself?” That seemed so sad.

“I work a lot, as you well know”—that was pointedly accusatory—“and I do online classes. I don’t get much chance to meet people, but I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not great with people anyways, so I don’t ever know what to do when I get the chance to try to be friends with someone.” Davy chewed on his tongue, obviously a nervous habit, then laughed derisively. “Like now. You guys were great. You only hit on me the one time. Sean and Mason did their best to help me fit in, and here I am being a freak and dumping my shit on you.”
         “Davy, that’s what friends are for.” Friends don’t want to kiss it all better, though, Gavin.

 Hope y'all enjoyed that tid-bit. :)  Stay tuned for another snippet next week! Should have info on giveaways and blog stops soon. Also should be revealing the cover for Where the World Ends (releasing 3/11 at LooseId) soon!

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